Student Achievements

Student Achievements

Newest: Vicki Wright and Cynthia Becker prested in Floridal this summer; Dallas Fonseca continues summer research in Texas; Erika Bucior Received the Fulbright Award; Sigma Xi Inductees

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Dallas Fonseca (Bioc ’18)  (Advisor, Te-Wen Lo). Conduct research in a lab at UT-Dallas for the summer of 2016. Partial funding was provided by the Thomas J. '02 and David C. '05 Metzger Undergraduate Research Fund and the Bernard Family Fund for Undergraduate Research in Biology.

My current research project works in collaboration with Dr. Zakary Campbell at UT-Dallas, so with the DANA I will be traveling to Dallas Texas to work with Dr. Campbell and extend my current research with Te-Wen Lo here at Ithaca College. My project focuses on studying RNA binding proteins essential for cell differentiation in the germline of Caenorhabditis elegans. During the early development of all complex organisms, their cells must undergo a differentiation from pluripotent stem cells into either somatic or germ cells. Germ cells are then faced with another critical decision, to become sperm or oocytes. However, this process is not a random occurrence and is highly regulated by a series of molecules in order to ensure proper differentiation, such as proteins and mRNA. This summer, I propose to us C. elegans to study the role of PUF domain proteins (one class of RNA binding proteins) in cell differentiation. Two PUF domain proteins, PUF-8 and FBF play a critical role in germline development in C. elegans. (Bachorik, 2005) Both proteins contain RNA binding domains but the RNA sequences preferred by each protein is different. Previous research has shown that alterations in the RNA binding domain of FBF can greatly alter FBF signaling specificity (Bachorik, 2005). Our hypothesis is that changes in the RNA binding domain of PUF-8 will alter its specificity such that it will no longer bind RNA usually bound to PUF-8, but will instead bind FBF specific RNA sequences.

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2016 winners

Adriana Morales (Biochem '17), Colette Piaseck-Masters (Biology '18) and Danielle Bucior (Biology '18). Poster presentation. "Pollination Biology of Scaevola plumieri in Vieques, Puerto Rico". NCUR. 2016. Faculty adviser, Susan Witherup.

Also presented by Colette Piaseck-Masters and Danielle Bucior. James J. Whalen Symposium, Ithaca College, April 2016. 

  • H&S Poster Award Recipients.

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Katharina  Dubyk,  Biology ’18

After my four years of education at Ithaca I hope to attend optometry school and eventually open my own private practice.


Andrew  Rodenhouse, Biology ‘16

 Shadowing experiences in the last year have strengthened my will to become a doctor. Upon shadowing, doing research here at Ithaca, and conversing with doctors, I know that a career in medicine is right for me. At this point, I do not know what specifically I would like to practice, but I have some ideas. Surgery has always been a fascination of mine as I love fixing things and working with my hands.

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Congratulations to our our students and faculty member for this year's induction to Sigma Xi!

  • Emily Conklin
  • Siera Rosen
  • Erika Bucior
  • Cynthia Becker

As well as Dr. Te-Wen Lo.


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Erika Bucior, Receives Fulbright Award for 2017-18

Environmental Studies senior Erika Bucior was awarded a Fulbright to spend the 2016-17 academic year studying an invasive plant species in Tinidad and Tobago.

The Fulbright Program is a flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to increase mutual understanding between people of the United States and the people of other countries. 

Erika is majoring in environmental studies, with minors in biology and anthropology. She will be studying the competition between two coastal dune species, the valuable endemic Scaevola plumieri and the invasive Scaevola taccada, growing on the Caribbean island nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

Read more about about Erika's work in this official press release.

Faculty Advisor: Peter Melcher

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