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Honors Program

Honors Research in Biology: BIOL-40100-40200

Students in Biology have the opportunity to conduct honors research.    

Students with a minimum GPA in all biology courses of 3.50 and an overall GPA of 3.30 may apply for honors after they have completed BIOL-30200 Research in Biology, but no later than the first two weeks of the senior year. Application must be made to the department curriculum committee for admission to honors.  

When a student is accepted for honors, an honors committee is formed, consisting of the project director and two other members of the biology department faculty.

The student must write a paper and give an oral presentation by the end of the second semester of the project

Honors Program in Humanities and Sciences

"A select number of exceptionally qualified applicants to the School of H&S are invited to apply to the H&S Honors program; if admitted, they participate in a series of special, intensive seminars complemented by an array of out-of-class activities"

Refer to the H&S Honors Web Site for details.

Biology Courses in the Honors Program:

Previously Offered:

  • Biol-22040 Honors Seminar:  Evolution of Evolution: Society and the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection (Spring 2012)
  • BIOL 25700 Honors Seminar: Human Genetics (Spring 2002)
  • BIOL 22010 Honors Seminar: Biotechnology (Spring 2006)
  • BIOL 22020 Honors Seminar: Genes, Embryos, and Technology of Reproduction (Fall 2005)
  • BIOL 22030 Honors Seminar: Alternative Futures (Spring 2009) (PDF)
  • BIOL 22045 Honors Seminar: Playing with God (Fall 2011)

Note: students may do Honors research in Biology without being in the H&S Honors program.  Talk with your academic advisor if you are interested in conducting research.


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