Chemistry Seminar Schedule

Seminar Series Spring 2014
CNS 333 : 4:00 - 4:50 p.m.

Tuesday, February 13th
Nobel Prize–winning Chemist
Roald Hoffmann

Title: “Protochemistries are a Bridge”

Tuesday, February 18th             
Dr. Colleen O'Loughlin '08

Tuesday, March 25th
Professor Ted Dibble

Tuesday, April 3rd
Prof. Omowunmi Sadik

Title: Multidimensional Pain Biosensors

Tuesday, April 10th 
Professor Nikolay Dimitrov
Title: "Complete Electrochemical Fabrication of a Platinized Nanoporous Au (Pt-NPG) Catalyst for Formic Acid Oxidation"


Tuesday, April 15th

Brendan Duran

Title: "CRISPR as a tool for genetic engineering"

Jarrod Monacelli
Title: " Applications of low-band-gap polymers for applications in solar cells"

Yongqian (Kelly) Zhang
Title: Self-assembly of genetically modified bacteriophages into functional materials"

Tuesday, April 17th

Martin Cerny
Title: "Synthesis, applications and characterization of acrylic polymer pressure-sensitive adhesives"

Kyle Clifford
Title: "Carbon nanotubes as biosensors"

Max Klemes
Title: "Prorphyrin-based MOFs: effective heterogeneous catalysts"

Tuesday, April 22nd

Carina Chittim
Title: "Treatment of drug addiction through immunotherapies"

Kyle Knowles
Title: "Organometallic drugs"

Kyle VanDelden
Title: "Hydrogels: Background, Manipulation and Application"

**Thursday, April 24th**

Nick (Quigly) Dragotakes
Honor's thesis defense: "Developing an in-vitro assay for AinS: a quorum-sensing synthetase"

Tuesday April 29th

Carina Chittim
Honor's thesis defense: "Synthesis of Analogs of Glutaminase Inhibitor Compound 968 and Determination of its Binding Site"



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