Chemistry Seminar Schedule

Seminar Series Fall 2014
CNS 333 : 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Tuesday, September 2nd
Kelly Sowers '09
University of Rochester
Title:  Synthesis and Applications of Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals

Tuesday, September 9th
Dr. Markus Hoffman
SUNY Brockport

Tuesday, September 16th
Jason Diaz '09
Title: Phosphorylation as a key regulator of Merkel cell polyomavirus protein function.  
Tuesday, September 23rd
Dr. Sheila Jaswall
Amherst University
Title: Unfolding proteins to learn the secrets of Nature’s molecular origami

Tuesday, September 30th
Linda Nicholson
Cornell University

Tuesday, October 7th
Dr. Erika Merschrod
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Title: Biomaterials design and applications

Tuesday, October 14th
Dr. William Pomerantz '02
University of Minnesota
Tuesday, October 21st
Valerie Ross '84
Title: "Medical School...and Beyond.  How I got into Johns Hopkins, what I did there, and what came after"

Tuesday, October 28th ***at 12:00 p.m.***
Dr. Matthew Becker
The University of Akron
Title: "Translationally relevant strategies for functionalizing polymers with peptides"

Tuesday, November 4th
Dr. Marco Pires '03
Lehigh University
Title: Unnatural D-Amino Acids as Novel Antibiotic Agents and Diagnostic Tools"

Tuesday, November 11th
Dr. Dave McCamant
University of Rochester

Tuesday, November 18th
Kristina Hugar '06
Ph.D. student at Cornell University

Tuesday, December 2nd
Dr. Wayne Jones
Binghamton University







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