Student Awards

Students in the School of Humanities and Sciences excel academically, pursuing challenging upper-level courses in their major and minor areas of study and undertaking research and honors projects that reflect their commitment to learning and their desire to push the knowledge frontier in a wide variety of disciplines.

We also recognize students’ dedication by awarding prizes based on academic excellence and by offering competitive grants to support students who undertake special academic projects. Some of these opportunities are offered at the School level, but most are offered by the departments within the School. Awards and grants attest to the academic accomplishments of our students.

Student Awards 2013~

Dr. Glenn C. Vogel and Dr. Marjorie R. Chelly (`94) Endowed Scholarship Award!

We want to specifically acknowledge Dr. Majorie Chelly (`94), who established the Dr. Glenn C. Vogel and Dr. Majorie R. Chelly award. This award is given to a student that embodies Dr. Chelly’s tremendous work ethic, and has achieved excellence through extraordinary effort. The award will be used to fund the recipient's travel to a national conference. The inaugural award was given to Kevin Litwin (`13), a senior biochemistry major who will be presenting his research with Professor Scott Ulrich at the ACS conference in New Orleans in April. Congratulations to Kevin! And another huge thank you to Dr. Chelly for her generous support of the IC chemistry program.

The Heinz and Judy Koch Award

The Heinz and Judy Koch Research Award, an endowed fund established to support undergraduate research during the summer. Specifically, the award represents a generous summer stipend for one outstanding undergraduate who plans to do research in collaboration with an IC faculty member over the summer.  The award is competitive, and winning it is considered a big honor.  Katie Sampson (’13) was our recipient this year, under the supervision of Professor Vincent DeTuri!

American Chemical Society (ACS) Outstanding First-Year Chemistry Award:

The Cornell Section ACS Award recognizes the top student at the end of their first year in Chemistry. Colleen Feeney’16 and Katrina Piemonte’16 are the recipients of the ACS award.  This award is intended to help pay for books needed to further the recipient's studies in Chemistry or Biochemistry.

Metzger Award:

Robert Nichols ’14 is the recipient of the Larry Metzger, M.S. '87, Memorial Scholarship.  This scholarship is awarded annually to a rising junior or senior majoring in biology, biochemistry, or chemistry who intends to pursue an advan-ced degree in science other than medicine.

Drago Chemistry Award:

Carina Chittim ’14 is the recipient of the Drago Chemistry Award.  This award is given to a rising senior based on academic achievement, laboratory skills, promise in the field of Chemistry and recommendations by the faculty of the Department of Chemistry.

Chemistry Book Award:

Rachel Snyder ’15 is the recipient of the Chemistry Book Award.  Rachel is a Chemistry major who is a rising junior and was  identified as  the top student in Organic II, Experimental Chemistry II, Quantitative Chemistry and Experimental II.

Jason Dickens Memorial Book Award:  

Andrew Becker (Biochemistry '14)
  is the recipient of the Jason Dickens Memorial Book Award.   This annual award is given to juniors or seniors in biology or biochemistry who are committed to a future career in the sciences and who have shown strong academic performance. 

Kyle Clifford receives $3,500.00 award for Research! 

Kyle Clifford '14 received a Research award in the amount of $3,500.00 to fund his summer research project under the supervision of Professor Akiko Fillinger. Sincere thanks for the generous donation from an anonymous IC Alum!
Kyle and Akiko previously had been working on Copper (I) Oxide crystal that can be used for hydrogen generation. Recently a piece of a pivotal instrument has broken. This has made them change direction to focus on Silver(I) Oxide. Ag2O has the same crystal structure as Cu2O and a bandgap of 1.46eV. This has designated it as possibly useful for photovoltaic solar cells and a means for producing clean energy. At the moment they have been trying deposit Ag2O on Indium tin oxide coated glass, with a specific crystal orientation. By controlling pH and other ions in solution, growth of certain crystal planes can be inhibited to acquire the desired orientation.

Best Presentation at the Whalen Academic Symposium:

Andrew Becker (Biochemistry ’14) was selected as one of the best speakers at the 16th Annual James Whalen Academic Symposium.  He presented, “A New Method for the Synthesis of Organic Polymer Bone Scaffolds”.  He was mentored by Professor Keri Lee (moved to Western New England University in 2012) and Mike Haaf. 

The Peggy R. Williams Award for Academic and Community Leadership:

Andrew M. Becker (’14) and Rochelle J. Frankson (’13) are the recipients of the 2012-2013 Peggy R. Williams Award for Academic and Community Leadership.  This award recognizes juniors and seniors who excel academically, perform service to the College community and nation, and represent an exemplary level of accomplishment. These students were recognized as part of the OSEMA (Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs).


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