Student Awards

Students in the School of Humanities and Sciences excel academically, pursuing challenging upper-level courses in their major and minor areas of study while undertaking research, honors projects, and leadership roles in the community. They are truly committed to learning and their desire to push the knowledge frontier in a wide variety of disciplines.

We recognize students’ dedication by awarding prizes based on academic excellence and by offering competitive grants to support students who undertake special academic projects. Some of these opportunities are offered at the School level, but most are offered by the departments within the School. Awards and grants attest to the academic accomplishments of our students.

Student Awards 2015

Dr. Glenn C. Vogel and Dr. Marjorie R. Chelly (`94) Endowed Scholarship Award
The Dr. Glenn C. Vogel and Dr. Majorie R. Chelly Endowed Scholarship Award is given to a student that embodies Dr. Chelly’s tremendous work ethic, and has achieved excellence through extraordinary effort. The award will be used to fund the recipient's travel to a national conference. This year the award was given to Taylor Reeves `16.  Taylor had the opportunity to present her research in the lab of Professor Vincent DeTuri at the ACS National Meeting in Denver. 


American Chemical Society (ACS) Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship award (SURF)
SURF is Awarded to an outstanding undergraduate Chemistry and Biochemistry student.  It is a very competitive fellowship awarded on the merits of students' research proposals, academic records, faculty recommendations and their passion for laboratory science.  Congratulations to recipient Zachary Mota '17.

American Chemical Society (ACS) Outstanding First-Year Chemistry Award
The Cornell Section ACS Award recognizes the top student at the end of their first year in Chemistry. Thomas Rundell '19 is the recipient of the ACS award.  This award is intended to help pay for books needed to further the recipient's studies in Chemistry or Biochemistry.

Larry Metzger, M.S. '87 Memorial Scholarship Award
Siera Rosen '16 is the recipient of the Larry Metzger, M.S. '87, Memorial Scholarship.  This scholarship is awarded annually to a rising junior or senior majoring in biology, biochemistry, or chemistry who intends to pursue an advanced degree in science other than medicine.

Russell Drago Chemistry Award
Kaitlyn DeHority '16 and Connor Shea '16 are the recipients of the Drago Chemistry Award.  This award is given to a rising senior based on academic achievement, laboratory skills, promise in the field of Chemistry and recommendations by the faculty of the Department of Chemistry.

Chemistry Book Award  
Ben Morse '17 is the recipient of the Chemistry Book Award.  Ben is a Chemistry major who is a rising junior and was identified as the top student in Organic II, Experimental Chemistry II, Quantitative Chemistry and Experimental II.

Morris Family Foundation Scholarship
Ben Morse '17
and Megan Wirth '16 are the joint recipients of the Morris Family Foundation Scholarship. This honor is awarded to students majoring in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics based on their excellent performance and faculty nominations. 

Thomas Morrin Jones Award
The faculty of Biology, Chemistry, and Math selected Emma Duncan '16 for this honor. Through her academic work and community activities, she exemplifies a sustained commitment to the liberal arts and the tradition of social service as personified by Thomas Morrin Jones.  

Sustained Record of Excellence Award 
Michelle Zyla '15 
received the Sustained Record of Excellence Award. The Chemistry faculty members award this to a senior to honor their ongoing record of excellence over all four years of their college career.

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