Culture and Communication


What can you do with a C & C degree?
The Culture and Communication degree is a critical studies BA degree with an interdisciplinary, liberal arts orientation that allows students to experience critical studies courses across all six schools and divisions. It provides excellent preparation for graduate school, whether law school, advanced degrees in business, or MA/PHD programs in a range of critical studies areas. Moreover, as the largest US export, the information/entertainment/cultural sector is not only global, but is trans-industrial, trans-disciplinary, and constantly changing and adapting. It includes the profit and the non-profit organizations. With a degree in Culture and Communication, you have enormous preparation and wide-ranging opportunities to navigate a career with agility and to quickly adapt to this new international communication environment as a film producer, an arts curator, a film programmer, a journalist, an advertising account executive, a record producer, a critic, a non-profit arts administrator, a media executive, a public relations executive, a media relations specialist, a writer, a development officer, a fundraiser, a grant writer, a political campaign specialist, an entertainment lawyer, a gaming industry analyst, labor organizer, or a stock broker. But remember, this degree focuses on jobs of the future, not of the past, so there's no telling what your title might be in 15, 10, or even just 5 years! And jobs of the future require analytical thinking, excellent research and writing skills, and a talent for crossing all kinds of borders, whether they be industries, nations, media, ideas, or organizations. That’s the most important experience you'll get as a C & C major.

Is C & C in Park?
The Culture and Communication degree is housed in the School of Humanities and Sciences (H&S), not the Roy H. Park School of Communications. Interdisciplinary degree programs that include courses from across the schools and divisions at the College are housed in H&S.  Courses and faculty from the Park School contribute to the degree, and students have access to critical studies courses across all departments in Park. Seats in production and newswriting courses are occasionally available but are not a required part of this degree program.

What's the difference between C & C and Communication Studies?
The two degrees share courses, faculty, and research areas. The difference is simple: the Communication Studies degree, like the degrees in the Park School, provides a vertical experience of one discipline, medium, or area of study. The Culture and Communication degree is organized around a horizontal experience that spans the schools and divisions at the college, connecting culture with communication.

How is proficiency in a second language defined?
Culture and Communication majors are required to complete a foreign language through the intermediate level or to demonstrate equivalent proficiency as part of their degree requirements. This may require up to four courses, depending on initial placement in language of interest.

Are students required to study abroad?
C & C students are not required to study abroad, but because of the flexibility of the degree, the language requirement, and international focus, a very large percentage of our students take advantage of the myriad of opportunities for study abroad on virtually every continent. Our students have studied around the world in places like London, Australia, Singapore, Uganda, South Africa, Czech Republic, Senegal, India, Nepal, Argentina, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, China, France, and Thailand.

The degree requires a minor. Are there any restrictions on minors?
There are no restrictions on minors. Culture and Communication students can select a minor from any of the schools at the College. 

Are there any campus activities related to C & C?
C & C sponsors an artist and scholar in residence program which features intensive immersion through lectures, screenings, intimate master classes and workshops, and mentoring sessions. 

What are the faculty like?
The Steering Committee of C & C is composed of faculty representatives from each of the following departments: Communication Studies, Organizational Communication, Learning and Design, Television/Radio and Cinema and Photography. Check out our website, where you can read all about them.

Where is C & C on campus?
The Dean’s Office is on the second floor of Muller Faculty Center, but the C & C program spans the entire campus. As a horizontal degree program, it’s located everywhere: in your faculty mentor’s office, in special lectures, in C & C courses in the major, in events and special symposia, and anywhere our majors and minors gather for lively intellectual exchange and debate about ideas, concepts, books, media, organizations, or campus events.

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