Pre-Registration Information


Pre-enrollment Information

In order to ensure that CMST & CLTC students have preferential access to our classes, we have worked out a scheme for pre-enrolling majors and minors for the spring. The plan works as follows:


  • 1. The chair will send you a list of all the courses the department is offering in the spring. If you do not receive one, email the chair Laurie Arliss. If you want to know more about the course descriptions, requirements, etc., please refer to the course catalog.
  • 2. You may request a seat in a maximum of three courses before the general registration period begins. (Note: minors, you can only be pre-enrolled in three courses total, including both major and minor programs).
  • 3. You request pre-enrollment by filling out this form (also sent to you by the chair) in consultation with your advisor and returning it Terrie Miller in Muller 424. This sheet must be returned by Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 1:00 p.m.
  • 4. Please be sure there are no “holds” on your account that affect registration on HomerConnect. If there are holds, we cannot pre-enroll you.
  • 5. When your assigned registration access day arrives, and you log on to HomerConnect, you can complete your registration for the fall by adding courses outside the department.

Any questions, advice, or suggestions about this procedure are not only welcome, but encouraged! Please contact Terrie Miller with concerns.



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