Recent Faculty Scholarship

Faculty Scholarship in the 2013-14 Academic Year


Adams, Derek:

  • Article: “Layers of Lazarus: Robert Downey Jr. Hits ‘True Emotional Paydirt’ through Blackface,” From Less Than Zero to Superhero: Essays on Film. Ed. Erin MacDonald. McFarland Press, (forthcoming 2014.)

  • Conference Papers: American Studies Association Conference, Washington D.C., November 2013: “ZZ Packer’s Drinking Coffee Elsewhere: You Owe Me My Blackness. 

    • ACLA, NYU, March 2014: "Adopting Children, Adopting Race: A Fiction of Law and Custom in Twain's Puddn'head Wilson." 

Breen, Dan:

  • Article: "The Resurrected Corpus: History and Reform in Bale's Kynge Johan," in Renaissance Retrospections: Tudor Views of the Middle Ages, ed. Sarah Kelen.  Kalamazoo (MI): Medieval Institute Publications, 2013, 16-36.

Egan, Hugh:

  • Article: "'On Freedom': Emerson, Douglass, and the Self-reliant Slave." ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance. (Forthcoming)

Gleitman, Claire:

  • Article: “'…then she came, and she cried. And I went back home with her': Arthur Miller’s All My Sons and the Prison-House of Gender.'" Arthur Miller Journal (Fall, 2013).

  • Conference Paper: NeMLA conference 2013, "Saint-Mamas, Strudel and the Single[M]an: False Ideals and False Idols in Death of a Salesman."

Holmes, Christopher:

Kittredge, Katharine:

  • Article: "Considering Female Masculinities in Eighteenth Century Britain," will be published in the collection Developments in the Histories of Sexualities In Search of the Normal, 1600–1800, edit. Chris Mounsey (Bucknell UP 2013).

Matusiak, Christopher:

  • Article: "Lost Stage Friars and their Narratives," in Lost Plays of Shakespeare's England. Eds. David McInnis and Matthew Steggle.  Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.  pp. 73-86.


    Article: "Elizabeth Beeston, Sir Lewis Kirke, and the Cockpit's Management during the English Civil Wars," Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England 27 (2014): 161-191.

  • Article: "Marlowe and Theater History," Marlowe at 450, ed. Sara Munson Deats and Robert A. Logan. London: Ashgate, 2014.

  • Conference papers: International Marlowe Conference in Staunton, VA 2013: "Marlowe's Friars."

    • Shakespeare Association of America Annual Meeting in Toronto 2013: "Elizabeth Beeston alias Hutchinson: Playhouse Manager--and Royalist Agent?"

Murphy, Kevin: 

Spitzer, Jennifer:

  • Article:  "On Not Reading Freud: Amateurism, Expertise, and the Pristine Unconscious in D.H. Lawrence." Modernism/modernity (Jan. 2014).

  • Conference paper:  MLA conference 2014: Professor Spitzer has organized a panel entitled "New Approaches to Psychology and Modernism."

Twomey, Michael: 

  • Article: “How Green Was the Green Knight?  Forest Ecology at Hautdesert,” Arthurian Literature 30 (2013), 27-53.

  • Review: Mary Franklin-Brown, Reading the World: Encyclopedic Writing in the Scholastic Age. Speculum. (forthcoming, 2013).

  • Conference papers:  MLA conference, 2014: "Encyclopedic Environments" (Division of Comparative Medieval Literature's main session).







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