Detailed Information on Specific ENVS Courses

Here in the Details on Courses section you'll find in-depth information regarding courses offered by the ENVS department. We're fortunate enough to offer some pretty cool classes, and there's sure to be something that strikes your interest! Where a course title is highlighted, there's a link to photos and/or highlights from particular years. Keep checking back for more updates on what each class is up to!

ENVS 10100: Environmental Seminar

ENVS 10400: Gardening Principles and Practices: How to Grow Your Own Food

ENVS 11000: The Environmental Crisis: Causes and Solutions

ENVS 11200: Sustainability Principles and Practices

ENVS 12000: Environmental Sentinels

ENVS 12100: Environmental Science and Technology

ENVS 13000: Earth System Science I

ENVS 13100: Earth Systems Science II

ENVS 20100: Introductory Environmental Research

ENVS 20200: Topics in Sustainability: Social Justice and Sustainability

ENVS 20400: Selected Topics in Environmental Studies: Rainforests, Reefs and Ruins

ENVS 22000: Cultural and Physical Geography

ENVS 22100: Interdisciplinary Physical Science

ENVS 30100: Intermediate Environmental Research

ENVS 32200: Environmental Methods: Sampling, Surveying, Statistics and Analysis

ENVS 33100: Land use and Landscape Change

ENVS 34000: Environmental Health and Medicine 

ENVS 35000: Topics in Natural Resources and Ecology: Farming the Forest

ENVS 36000: Special Topics in Environmental Humanities: The Natural World Through Human Eyes

ENVS 38200: Topics in Environmental Policy: Sustainability in the Amazon

ENVS 40100: Environmental Seminar II

ENVS 45000: Senior Research

ENVS 45100: Capstone Discussion

ENVS 49000: Independent Study 

ENVS 49500: Internship in Environmental Studies/Science


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