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Assessment Plan 2009-2010


Department of Environmental Studies and Science

Assessment Plan for 2009-2010


The creation of a new Department of Environmental Studies and Science in September 2009 and the development of a substantially different curriculum will require a thorough reconsideration of how to assess student learning. Therefore, in the upcoming year, we intend to:


1.       Continue assessment of programmatic learning in required courses that are currently in place and will continue to be required in the new curriculum – the same assessment techniques will apply to both the Environmental Studies BA and the Environmental Science BA.   The following programmatic objectives will be assessed in the following ways (see attached spreadsheet for full matrix):

a.       Demonstrate fundamental scientific literacy as it relates to the environment will be assessed in

i.      ENVS 12000: minimum competency exams, special projects, oral presentations

ENVS 12100: 10 Blackboard quizzes on concepts fundamental to environmental science

ii.      ENVS 33300: Question on first exam using climate change as a case study

b.      Demonstrate competency in written, oral and visual communication, especially to a variety of audiences in

i.      ENVS 12000: oral presentations

ii.      ENVS 12100: Environmental Science in the News and Final project presentations, Laboratory papers

c.       Demonstrate the ability to connect theory and practice through experiential and/or service learning in

i.      ENVS 12100: Experiential learning requirement and reflection essay

ii.      ENVS 45000: targeted reflective essay questions and capstone paper


2.       Develop a new assessment matrix for the courses to be added to the program, including specific mechanisms for requirements such as cultural immersion.


3.       Better define the criteria by which we decide whether a student has not met/met/or exceeded a given programmatic learning goal.



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