Opportunities for Students

Honors in History

To earn a B.A. degree with "honors in history", a student needs to complete a significant independent research project. 

Because we want to insure that students succeed with these projects, we require proposals/plans to be in place before the end of students' junior year, and we require students to have a GPA of 3.3 in history courses and 3.0 overall.   An honors project takes forethought and planning; it can be a capstone to a student's career, demonstrating the sort of excellence required in graduate schools.  If a student is contemplating graduate study, this could be a great asset.

Particular requirements for honors in history are outlined in the Department of History portion of the undergraduate catalog on the H&S website.  To see a model of a previous honors paper, contact the chair of the History department.


Students Who Have Earned Honors In History:

    (where we have been able to find them, we have added in the titles for recent projects)


2015   Eric Trautman-Mosher, "Various and Sundrys for the Indians: The Creation of an Anglo-Abenaki Middle Ground at Fort Richmond, Maine, 1720-1750";
           Emily Gallik, "Sir Thomas Elyot's The Defense of Good Women (1540, 1545): Arguing for the Moral and Political Status of Women in Henrician England"

2011   Ian Mahoney, "'A Crisis Within a Crisis': The Pre-World War II Isolationism Debate and Concerns Over Executive Power"

2010   David Korenthal, "Neither East Nor West: Orientalism and the Armenian Independence Movement, 1878-1914;"
           Rachel Walker, "'The Day Which Will Fix My Future Destiny': Courtship, Marriage, and the Companionate Ideal in Early Republican America"

2009    Gregory Peterson, "Streams of Consciousness: Water, Colonialism, and Cultural Conflict in the West";
            Brittany Bovenzi, "Nationalism and Division in Ireland, 1801-1921;"
            Angelica Burton, "The French Revolution in the Provinces: The Question of Continuity in Law and Daily Life;"
            Renee LaDue "The White Rose vs. the Empire: Early Cultivation of Nationalism by the Scottish Jacobites"

2008   David Cutler;
           Tim Lunardoni, "Nika!: Justinian's Conquest of Constantinople"

2007   Jennifer Pashley, "Road to Partition: An Analysis of the British, Jewish and Arab 'Imperial' Fight for Palestine"

2006   Gene Schlack, "Revivalism in the Early American Frontier;"
           Michael Horne "Martial Race Theory and the Sikhs: British Colonial Policy and Power Relationships;"
           Jude Gullie

2005  Katherine Carver, "Emmett Till: A Legacy that Refused to Die;"
          Deyan Pekov;
          Zachary Price

2004  Joseph Geraghty;
          Jarett Powers;
Bozhidar Zahariev

2003  Karen Sonnelitter

2002  Eryn Dewey, "Educational Alternatives in Minneapolis in the Early 1970s as a Reflection of Cultural and Political Trends of the Time"

2001  Benjamin Fitz-Gibbon

2000  Caroline Arpe;
          Sharif Nankoe

1999  Samuel Costello;
          David Witanowski

1997   Lauri Bauer, "Cato's Republicanism: Bridging the Atlantic"

1995   Jennifer Catherine;
           Jason McGrath;
           Sara Slates;
           Erich Baker

1994  Tsugumi Maki;
          Michael Marsten;
          Kimberly Kathan;
          David Schaenman

1993  David Pepin;
          David Brumfield;
          David Burton;
Steven Ronai

1992  James Sorcek

1991  Amy Dunckleman;
          Damon Linker

1990  Benjamin Silver;
          Donald Greenwood

1989  Linda Byrnes;
          Scott Peacock

1983  Julia Fleming;
          Frederick Gault

1980  Edward Kitlowski

1973  Hugo Rossi;
          Benjamin Alaimo

1970  John Knight;
          Patricia Campbell;
          Cheri Behnett

1969  David Rowe;
          Randolf Werner

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