Student Awards and Funding

Funding for Projects

Students may be able to obtain funding for particular projects from outside the department.  Both the H&S Dean's office and the College Provost's office have funding for students engaged in innovative work. 

  • If you have a project you would like to collaborate with a professor on, consider the H&S Emerson Humanities Collaboration Grant. This funds a student to do work with a faculty member either during a semester or during a summer. 
  • Similarly, the Dana Student Internship Program through the Provost's office might be worth investigating, either for an internship or a faculty-student collaborative project.
  • The H&S Education Grant Initiative is a broadly conceived opportunity -- "activities and projects that promote student learning and achievement" -- that might be applied to any academic project that come with extra costs.  For history students, this might include travel to a conference, to an archive, and more.
  • The Emerson Internship Program can provide funds for an internship that is credit bearing, thereby defraying its cost to a student.

This does not exhaust the list of possible opportunities for students either within IC or outside of it.  After all, there are grants, fellowships, and awards available from a variety of programs and foundations off campus.  Looking into the assets available to you through the School, the College, and beyond is a wise way to make the most of your time here.

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