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Which course should I take for Gen Ed?

We offer many courses that give you a chance to explore some of the cool things you can do with math. All of these courses are offered every semester.


Math 105 (Math for Decision Making): Looking for a course in mathematics that focuses on applications? This course gives applications of math involving probability, mathematics of finance, and various types of optimization problems.

Math 107 (Fundamentals of Applied Calculus): Calculus is a way of describing how quickly quantities change. This version of calculus is tailored to business and economics students and focuses on modeling data with technology with less emphasis on algebra.

Math 108 (Calculus for Decision Making): Looking for a course in calculus that focuses on applications?  This course explores calculus without worrying about the theoretical underpinnings of calculus. Applications include drug concentrations in the body via daily medication, credit card debt, and population growth. This course is offered every semester.

Math 111 (Calculus 1): Roughly 300 years ago, Newton and Leibniz asked three important questions: What is instantaneous rate of change? What is the area under a curve? And what is the amazing relationship between the first two questions? The answers to these questions helps solve problems in fields from physics to economics, from biology to the business world! 

Math 112 (Calculus 2):  Population growth and differential equations, physics and integrals, finance and series. This and much more is explore as we apply calculus to problems in the real world.

Math 144 (Stats for Business, Economics, and Management): Statistics are used frequently in the world of business and finance; this class will help you understand where these statistics come from and how to use them yourself. This class is targeted at students in the business school but will be useful for everyone!

Math 145 (Stats for Health/Life Sciences): Similar to Math 144, this class looks at statistics as it's used in the health, life, and natural sciences.

Math 152 (What is Mathematics?): What is the role of mathematics in our world? What does infinity really mean? How small is small?  Questions like this (and many more) are explored in this course. We explore what mathematics means to us as individuals and as a culture.

Math 155 (Basic Statistical Reasoning): Statistics are increasingly used in the news and on the internet. This class will help you make sense of all the stats. It's a little less technical than Math 144/145, so it's perfect for students looking for gen ed credit.

Math 161 (Math and Society): How does we manage credit card debt or choose the right loan? How do we share a cake in a fair way?  These questions and many more in this course show us how mathematics helps us function as a society.


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