Research Teams

Social Judgment Research Team

Social Judgment Research Team
Research Team 11
Supervised by
Leigh Ann  Vaughn

Office: 115-A Williams

We take a social-personality psychology approach to understanding how people think about themselves and others. Our research is applicable to many career fields, including mental health, education, and business. Projects for the fall will likely be about:

  • What can cause people to feel they can be their "true selves" - and how might this affect their psychological well-being?
  • Many Labs 2 and Many Labs 3: a world-wide replication projects in psychology. We are currently one of 88+ institutions that will be participating in what may be the largest replication efforts in the history of psychology. For a recent story our work on Many Labs in The Ithacan, click here.

Team members present our work at professional conferences. Please click here to learn more about the team and here and read what current team members say being on the team is like.

Professor Vaughn is on sabbatical leave in Spring 2016. The next time she will be on campus is February 2-4, 2016, and she is happy to meet with you. You can e-mail her at to figure out a time.

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