Research Teams

Psychopharmacology of Alcohol

This team will not be accepting new students in spring, 2015.

Psychopharmacology of Alcohol
Research Team 1
Supervised by Beth Caldwell
Office: 115-E Williams

The Psychopharmacology of Alcohol team conducts research on animal behaviors related to alcohol consumption and aggression. We are primarily interested in maladaptive behaviors, such as excessive alcohol intake or alcohol-heightened aggressive behavior in rodents (rats and mice). The primary goal of this research team is to determine how environmental factors, such as early life stress and exposure to alcohol, and neurobiological factors, such as serotonin or stress hormones, both contribute to the development of maladaptive behaviors associated with alcohol abuse.

Students enrolled with the Psychopharmacology of Alcohol research team will study literature from the field of behavioral neuroscience as they develop important laboratory skills, including the opportunity to perform small animal surgery, conduct behavioral observations, and learn protocols for tissue preparation and various biological assays. Students will also learn to utilize computer applications necessary for collecting, analyzing, and preparing research findings for presentation.

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