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Casting Policy

All Ithaca College students are eligible for casting in Ithaca College Theatre productions. See Audition Information.

The Department of Theatre Arts adheres to a policy of open casting; that is, directors cast the students with the talents and qualities appropriate for a given role regardless of that student’s major, year in school, age, ethnicity, or gender. Pedagogical goals are considered in an attempt to provide each B.F.A. acting and musical theatre student with stage experience before graduation, but there is no guarantee that this will be the case for every student. There is no correlation between class (freshman, senior, etc.) and casting experience.

Occasionally, a guest artist may be engaged for a role in a play that might not be chosen otherwise and which will provide other challenging roles for students. The use of guest artists gives students the experience of working with gifted professionals.

All B.F.A. performance majors (acting and musical theatre) are required to audition for all departmental productions, directing projects, and ensembles each semester, with the exception of the opera or when they are studying abroad B.F.A. performance students failing to audition will be placed on probation. Students must perform as cast. All first semester acting and musical theatre majors must participate in monologue, vocal, and dance auditions, but may opt out of callbacks or casting, which should be indicated on the audition form in the fall semester.

In any other semester of their training, an individual student in the B.F.A. performance degrees may request an exemption from callbacks and casting in order to focus on academics, or due to other circumstances such as injury or doctor's recommendation regarding vocal rest. This request, in the form of a detailed rationale, should be submitted electronically to the area coordinator, department chair, stage management supervisor, and director of artistic programming no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of classes. The student should proceed with all audition requirements for the semester (unless the exemption is due to a medical condition). The performance area faculty will review the request and the student shall be informed of the approval of their request prior to the beginning of that semester's auditions.


revised 9/23/2015

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