Study Opportunities

National Theatre Institute (NTI)

Purpose of the Program

NTI is an intensive semester of theatre study at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center in Waterford, Connecticut or at The Moscow Art Theatre. This semester of study is recommended for exceptional B.A. theatre studies students with a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0, though it may be appropriate for other students in different degree programs. Brochures and applications can be obtained from the B.A. theatre studies area coordinator or department chair.


Students wishing to make application to NTI MUST receive advance approval in writing from the B.A. theatre studies area coordinator and the Department of Theatre Arts chair. Approval forms are available from the main office of the Department of Theatre Arts. The College will bill the student a $150 administrative fee for processing paperwork.

NTI Application Requirements:

  1. Completed application form, photo and resume
  2. Application Fee
  3. Official Ithaca College transcript (available from the registrar)
  4. Two letters of recommendation
  5. Essay
  6. Interview

Note: Students contemplating a semester at NTI are encouraged to apply early. Application deadlines are listed in the NTI Brochure but generally fall around early November for the spring and early March for the fall. Notification of acceptance comes within two weeks of receipt of application.

Upon notification of acceptance (or placement on the NTI waitlist), students should immediately complete the following steps at Ithaca College:

  1. Contact in writing the Department Chair to notify him/her of your acceptance
  2. Complete Petitions for Transfer Credits (pick up forms at Registrar’s Office and complete in triplicate)
  3. Arrange meeting with the Office of Student Financial Services regarding transfer of Financial Aid.


  • NTI Course & Course Number
    • IC Appropriate Substitute 
  • 201 Directing (4 credits)
    • THEA 35500 Directing I (3 credits)** or
    • THEA 35600 Directing II (3 credits) or
    • THEA xxxxx  Free Elective (4 credits)
  • 202 Playwriting (4 credits)        
    • THEA xxxxx  Free Elective (4 credits)
  • 210 Costume/Scene Design (4 credits)
    • THEA 10400 Intro to Design (3 credits)
  • 300 Acting (4 credits)
    • THEA xxxxx  Free Elective (4 credits)
  • 301 Movement (4 credits)
    • THEA xxxxx  Free Elective (4 credits)


  • 250 Movement & Voice (4 credits)
    • THEA xxxxx  Free Elective (4 credits)
  • 251 Russian Theatre History
    • THEA 44400 Senior Seminar (3 credits) or
    • THEA xxxxx  Free Elective (4 credits)
  • 252 Russian Language
    • XXX  xxxxx  Free Elective (4 credits)
  • 253 Acting (4 credits)
    • THEA xxxxx Free Elective (4 credits)
  • 254 Design (4 credits)
    • THEA 10400 Intro to Design (3 credits)

** Note: If a student substitutes Directing at NTI for the department directing requirement, that student may NOT take Directing 2 until s/he has completed Directing 1 at the Ithaca campus.

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