The C. P. Snow Lecture Series

50th Anniversary Celebration

The 50th anniversary of the Humanities and Sciences lecture series inspired by Charles Percy Snow will commence with a series of events during the fall semester of 2014, culminating in a special C. P. Snow Lecture and an “un-conference” celebrating the practice and integration of the humanities and sciences. These events will provide an opportunity to showcase the kind of integrative liberal arts education that H&S provides for students, and the kind of innovative research and practice that H&S faculty are regularly engaged in.

Anniversary events include:

The 2014 C.P. Snow Lecture

Dr. Alan Lightman, distinguished physicist, philosopher of science, and accomplished novelist, Professor of the Practice of the Humanities in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology departments of Creative Writing and Physics, will deliver the C. P. Snow Lecture on Friday, November 7, 2014.

2014 THATCamp Humanities + Sciences “Unconference”

Ithaca College will host a THATCamp at Ithaca College on November 7 & 8, 2014. THATCamp stands for “The Humanities and Technology Camp.”

The unconference format is an open, informal, inexpensive meeting where humanists and scientists of all skill levels learn and build together in collaborative workshops and short sessions, many of which are proposed on the spot.

Register here:

Fall 2014 Lead Up Events and Activities

Leading up to the C. P. Snow Lecture and THATCamp un-conference, faculty and students school-wide are offering and participating in events and activities demonstrating and celebrating the bridge between the humanities and sciences at Ithaca College. These events focus attention on the idea of "integration" as key to our shared understanding of the liberal arts, exemplified in the multiple ways that in H&S and at Ithaca College, we work to bridge the sciences and humanities.

The C.P. Snow Committee can  provide financial support (small awards up to $350) to help faculty and students prepare/organize activities; faculty and students interested in proposing an activity and who require funding should email with their event/activity proposal and funding request.

Where are they now?

The C.P. Snow Committee is in the process of contacting C.P. Snow scholars (the first C.P. Snow Scholar award was made in the 1979-80 academic year), in order to reconnect with and learn of the accomplishments of past C.P. Snow scholars, and to inspire our current students as to what can be accomplished by integrating the sciences and the humanities.


Please check back regularly as we add additional information about 50th anniversary events and activities.

For more information and/or to get involved, email Luke Keller, Department of Physics & Astronomy, and chair of the C.P. Snow Committee, or email the committee directly at

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