The C. P. Snow Lecture Series

50th Anniversary: THATCamp Humanities + Sciences

THATCamp stands for "The Humanities and Technology Camp." The format of the meeting is an un-conference: an open, informal, inexpensive meeting where humanists and scientists of all skill levels learn and build together in collaborative workshops and short sessions, some of which are proposed on the spot.

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According to the organization website, a THATCamp is:

  • collaborative: there are no spectators at a THATCamp -- everyone participates, including in the task of setting part of the agenda.
  • informal: there are no lengthy proposals, papers, presentations, or product demos; the emphasis is on productive, collegial work or free-form discussion.
  • spontaneous and timely: a significant component of the agenda / schedule / program is created by all the participants during the first session of the first day, rather than weeks or months beforehand by a program committee.
  • productive: participants are encouraged to use session time to create, build, write, hack, and solve problems.
  • small: most THATCamps aim for about 75 participants, which is our goal.
  • open and online: participants make sure to share their notes, documents, pictures, and other materials from THATCamp discussions before and after the event on the web and via social media.
  • fun, intellectually engaging, and a little exhausting.


The School of Humanities and Sciences and the C. P. Snow Steering Committee are pleased to invite all faculty/staff/students to submit proposals for sessions at THATCamp Humanities+Sciences 2014 (Friday/Saturday, November 7-8). These sessions should explore or demonstrate a bridge, integration of, and/or collaboration between the Humanities and Sciences.

Sessions will be approximately one hour long and are designed to be:

  • OPEN to anyone who wishes to apply or register (no institutional, professional, or rank restrictions); students encouraged to participate;
  • INFORMAL and PARTICIPATORY (no formal talks, papers, or demos longer than 5 minutes with the possible exception of skills training workshops, though these too should be hands-on for participants, if at all possible); and
  • PUBLIC on the open web (sessions can be blogged, twittered, photographed, recorded, and posted by anyone).

The deadline for proposals is August 16 (electronic submission to Proposals are very short (300 words) and intended for sessions or activities that my take some prior planning and preparations. Note that the un-conference format allows impromptu proposals as late as the day of the event! A proposal form, including submission instructions, are available here:


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