For Current Exploratory Students

Declaring a Major

If you are ready to declare your major, you will find instructions here to help you do so.  Keep in mind that Ithaca College policy requires students to complete one full semester before they are permitted to change majors.  Otherwise students may remain in the Exploratory Program until they have completed up to 60 credits.

Before transferring into a new major, you should review your academic record for any potential red flags that might signal a poor match (e.g., low math score and a desire to declare physics).  If the major change seems logical, you must then follow the internal transfer procedure to for the school that houses your desired major.  Procedures vary by school.

School of Humanities & Sciences:

Approximately 60% of Exploratory students declare majors within the School of Humanities & Sciences each year.  The process for declaring a major within H&S entails the completion and submission of the Change of Major form found here.  The form requires the signature of the chairperson of the department that offers your desired major.  It is not necessary to obtain the signature of the chair of the Exploratory Program because that person is the dean!  Once all signatures are obtained and the form is complete, it can be turned in at the Humanities & Sciences Dean’s Office located in 201 Muller Center.

If you develop a desire to pursue a specific major within Humanities & Sciences during their first semester, H&S deans will accept your change of major form, though it will not be reviewed for approval and processing until after the pre-registration period in the fall semester. 

Roy H. Park School of Communications:

Internal transfer applications for the Roy H. Park School of Communications are accepted only after the completion of a minimum of one semester, and are based primarily on GPA.  Approximately 20% of Exploratory students transfer to Park each year. Interested students are encouraged to meet with Kerry Spitze in the Academic Advising Center if they have questions about the internal transfer process. The internal transfer application and procedures can be found here.  Once all parts of the form are complete, it can be turned in at the Park School Dean’s Office located in 311 Park Hall.

If you are interested in studying communications, there are also communications majors within H&S and a marketing concentration within the Business Administration major in the School of Business. You should investigate all options before making a decision. 

School of Business:

Transfer applications to the Accounting and Business Administration programs are accepted only after the completion of a minimum of one semester and are based primarily on GPA. Applications are available in the School of Business Dean's Office. Students wishing to declare Legal Studies may simply complete a change/addition of major form, which can be found here.  Approximately 8% of Exploratory students transfer to the School of Business each year. Students can make an appointment with Assistant Dean Dawn Kline to discuss an internal transfer.  More information about transferring can be found in the middle of this page.  All forms can be picked up and turned in at the School of Business Dean’s Suite located on the third floor of the Park Center for Business.

School of Health Sciences and Human Performance:

Internal transfer requirements and applications for majors in the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance vary by program and range from a simple change of school/major form to a highly competitive application process. Approximately 8% of Exploratory students transfer to HSHP each year. Students who have a specific major in mind should speak with the department chair of the department that offers the major for further details about the internal transfer process. Otherwise, students are welcome to make an appointment to speak with Associate Dean Margaret Arnold to further discuss the options available.  More information can be found towards the bottom of this page.

If you have a desire to declare a major in HSHP, you should be aware that the school has an internal PreProfessional Program that sometimes extends advising to Exploratory students.  Visit this page or contact Julie Boles, Coordinator of the HSHP PreProfessional Program, for more information. You should also be aware that it is possible to enter HSHP professions by completing a complementary major in Humanities & Sciences and pursuing professional certification in graduate school.

School of Music:

Admission to majors and most minors in the School of Music is by audition only. Exploratory students have historically had success auditioning for and declaring minors, but majors are significantly more difficult.  Fewer than 1% of Exploratory students transfer to the School of Music each year.  Information about admission into the School of Music can be found here.  Additional requirements for internal transfer students can be found here.  Be sure to visit both these pages, as they both include important admission information.


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