Experiential Learning in H&S

Cultural Immersion Rubric

Course Defining Characteristics

·       Immersion

  • A core learning objective of the course is continuous immersion in a target environment
  • Students engage language/communication skills in context

·       Intellectual

  • Students have the chance to engage theory with practice
  • Experience is course-based
  • Understand social and cultural elements of target environment
  • Reflect on own society, in structured way, during immersion experience
  • Reflect on experience/outcomes after the fact

Real-life Situation

  • Immersion experience is not wholly constructed, and therefore has an element of the unknown and unexpected
  • Students must negotiate cultural differences in real-life situations
  • Students must practice responsibility in building relationships with individuals in other cultures

Key Terms for Student Learning Outcomes

  • Deeper understanding of cultural differences and similarities
  • Ability to analyze and interpret behavior of self and others
  • Effective communication skills
  • Ethical responsibility 

Expectations of Instructors

  • Mentoring consistent throughout
  • Students engage in structured reflection throughout
  • Goals are clearly defined and measurable
  • Outcomes may change in response to unexpected events/situations


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