Planned Studies: A Good Choice

Planned Studies is a good choice for:

  • Highly-motivated, confident students who have developed a clear sense of their academic goals. To apply, a student must write a statement that elucidates what their proposed degree will help them achieve and provides a rationale for the various components of the plan.
  • Students who are organized, self-motivated, good with detail, able to work independently and follow self-imposed rules. Putting together a plan demands that students make intentional choices, comply with academic and degree requirements, and monitor their progress towards their degree.
  • Students who are intellectually ambitious and want to challenge themselves. Planned Studies is for students who want to maximize their undergraduate academc experience and get the most out of their college education.

Planned Studies is not a good choice for:

  • Students who do not have a strong commitment to academic study and are unsure about what they want to get out of their college experience. It is unlikely that students without clear goals will be able to design a coherent program of study.
  • Students who imagine that Planned Studies might be a way to avoid difficult upper level courses. Plans must be academically rigorous and must include depth as well as breadth in a subject area.
  • Students who have been turned down by a school or department and see Planned Studies as an alternative route to desired courses/major. To take courses in any department or school, Planned Studies students must meet the requirements established by that department or school. This may mean achieving a minimum GPA, auditioning, providing a portfolio of work, or fulfilling prerequisites.
  • Seniors who haven't declared a major and can't graduate. Students must take at least three full semesters of course work as a Planned Studies major; therefore, students who wish to declare a Planned Studies major at the start of their senior year must expect to stay an extra semester or more before graduating.
  • Students who have difficulty working independently. Students who are successful in the Planned Studies program are able to remain focused on their goals and are motivated to negotiate the requirements of  a degree that is constituted by course work (including course prerequisites) in several different departments.
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