General Instructions:

  1. Before you begin work on the application, meet with the planned studies coordinator to discuss your ideas for a self-designed major. This initial discussion will probably take an hour.
  2. At the initial discussion, the coordinator will provide a list of faculty members and administrators that you should consult as you develop your plan. Make sure you meet with each of those individuals and use their input as you design your major. Be aware that it will take several weeks to complete those consultations and develop a strong proposal. As you work on your proposal keep in mind that your proposed degree must be grounded in coursework that is regularly available at Ithaca College and must meet the degree requirements as specified in the undergraduate catalog. If your educational goals can be met by combining an existing major with one or more minors, your proposal will not be approved. You must meet any entrance requirements set by departments whose courses are included in your self-designed major and must complete all prerequisites for those courses.
  3. As you fill out the application, follow the guidelines exactly. The coordinator will not accept your application if it does not follow the specified format.
  4. When you have finished the consultations and completed the application, arrange another meeting with the coordinator who will review your application. If he judges that your application is complete and that your degree program meets planned studies guidelines, the coordinator will submit your application to the department chairs and deans who oversee the academic areas in which you intend to pursue coursework. Each chair and dean must approve your list of proposed courses in order for your application to go forward. Chairs and deans may, at this stage, request changes in your proposed course of study. The review by chairs and deans often takes several weeks to complete.
  5. When the coordinator has received approvals from all the chairs and deans involved in the review of your course list, he will bring your application to the Planned Studies Advisory Board and the associate dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences for final approval. Once your application is signed by the associate dean, the course listing is submitted to the registrar's office, along with a change of major, school, or advisor form. At this point you become an official Planned Studies major.


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