Completing the Course List

The Course List you include with your application represents the equivalent of a set of major degree requirements.

The Planned Studies degree (outlined in the undergraduate catalog) requires that students include at least 45 credits and no more than 65 credits of courses drawn from departments across the College, as follows:

  1. at least five courses must be at level 3 or above
  2. no more than three courses may be at level 1;
  3. at least three distinct subject prefixes must be included.

In addition, all Planned Studies course lists must include:

  • PLST 40000 Planned Studies Capstone, to be taken in your senior year
  • a senior project (either an internship or an independent study, PLST 49000, 49100, or 49200) for at least 3 credits

Using the Course List document as your guide, you will provide two lists of the courses you have taken to date (at IC or those transferred to IC, including AP courses) plus the courses you intend to complete as part of your new program of study. The first list organizes the courses semester by semester; the second list organizes courses by topic/theme and level. When listing courses, please use the format specified on the Course List document. Label transfer courses with the name of the college where you studied. This list will be reviewed by department chairs and assistant/associate deans.

Students who matriculated to the college before fall 2013 must meet the H&S General Education requirements; be sure to include with your course listing a list of courses that will satisfy these requirements.

Students who matriculate to the college in fall 2013 must meet the ICC requirements, including the H&S requirement for the CLA. Remember that Themes and Perspectives courses cannot be counted toward the Planned Studies major.

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