You must complete two semesters of college-level work before you are eligible for planned studies. First-year students may develop plans, but they cannot officially become planned studies majors until their sophomore year. Transfer students who have finished two semesters on other campuses are immediately eligible for planned studies; however, transfer students cannot begin the process of developing planned majors prior to enrolling at Ithaca College. You must be admitted into the planned studies major in time to register for and complete a minimum of three regular semesters of study in the major. You may not begin the application process after you have completed five semesters. Before submitting the final application, you should discuss your ideas with your faculty mentor and with the coordinator of planned studies, along with relevant department chairs, professors and deans in the units represented in the plan. Because the plan development process can take from four to ten weeks, we advise you to begin discussing your ideas as soon as possible, but no later than September 1 or February 1 of your first semester as a junior.

A planned studies major must be interdisciplinary and cannot approximate any combination of existing majors and minors available at Ithaca College. To win approval, your proposed degree must be grounded in coursework that is regularly available at Ithaca College and must exhibit the depth and breadth of study that is characteristic of other Ithaca College degree programs (see the degree requirements in the undergraduate catalog for details on these expectations). All regular departmental course prerequisites apply to planned studies students. A student may not apply for planned studies to gain access to courses in a major to which she or he would be not admitted. Typically, planned studies students must meet the eligibility requirements for admittance to any department in which they intend to take substantial coursework. The planned studies application course lists must be reviewed and supported by the department chairs and dean who are responsible for the academic areas in which the student intends to take courses.

To be admitted to planned studies, you must submit a completed application to the Coordinator of Planned Studies. Applications are reviewed twice each year by the Planned Studies Advisory Board; deadlines are October 15 in the fall semester and April 1 in the spring semester for completed applications to be submitted. Criteria related to approval of your plan may include: availability of space in certain courses; your GPA; feedback from faculty, chairs, and deans as well as the Advisory Board; and whether the plan could instead be accomplished with some combination of existing majors or minors offered at the College.

Since the planned studies program is housed in the School of Humanities and Sciences, you will officially become a Humanities and Sciences student once your plan has been approved. Students must be in good academic standing to be eligible for planned studies; students on academic warning or suspension may not submit a plan for approval.

Once a planned studies application is signed by the student and the dean, you are expected to complete all the required courses listed in the plan in order to obtain a degree. Any changes to the plan must be approved by the planned studies coordinator and the associate dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences (you should request such changes using the Changes to Plan form). In addition, you must satisfy all standard degree requirements for the School of Humanities and Sciences as described in the College Undergraduate Catalog.

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