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NEWEST: Seminar at Cornell 10/28; PreHealth Meeting: 10/27; FREE Kaplan test; open house at SUNY Upstate; Scribes needed; Pre-Vet Club Sat., Oct 29

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PreHealth meeting:

We will be going over where you should be in your pre-health track, including information about classes, extracurriculars, and the MCAT. 

This is a very important meeting, so we encourage you all to come with a notebook and questions!

Pizza provided.

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Cornell University

3:00 p.m.

165 McGraw Hall

As a medical anthropologist by training, Professor Sharp is most concerned with critical analyses of the symbolics of the human body, where her research sites range from cosmopolitan medical centers within the United States to urban centers in sub-Saharan Africa. From 1986 until 1995, her work as an Africanist was based in a polycultural plantation community of northwest Madagascar, where initial research addressed spirit mediumship and the gendered nature of healing. She later returned to the same site in the mid-1990s to examine other forms of affliction, most notably the effects of the state's short-lived socialist project in shaping the historical and political consciousness of Malagasy school youth.

In 1991, she initiated research focusing on organ transplantation, procurement, and donation in the United States. Key foci include medical ideologies, body commodification, and the transformative properties of organ transplants specifically in reference to the social construction of the self. Her current research focuses on scientists engaged in generating new, non-human sources of transplantable organs, including mechanical heart devices and xenotransplantation (where animals, and more particularly swine, define potential sources of usable parts). This project is most concerned with how scientists imagine the promises and moral consequences of their work. Lesley Sharp is the recipient of numerous external grants and four teaching awards. Sharp has received numerous awards, including the 2008 New Millennium Book Award from the Society for Medical Anthropology for her book Strange Harvest; at Barnard she is the recipient of the Tow Family Award for Innovative and Outstanding Pedagogy, a Presidential Research Award, and she currently holds an Ann Whitney Olin endowed chair.

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Receive test prep materials from Kaplan.

Considering a degree beyond undergrad - Kaplan Test Prep is offering FREE events and resources to Ithaca College Pre-Med Society!

Curious to know where you are in the process? Answer 5 simple questions to find out the next step of your academic journey. 

You will receive:

  • A breakdown of where you are on the road to an advanced degree
  • Custom tools and information that will help move you forward
  • Free checklists and test specific study guides and formula sheets to help you study

Start Today! >> 

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Graduate Open House on November 19th.

Students considering a graduate degree in Medicine (MD), Public Health, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Nursing, Medical Technology, or Biomedical Science will attend.

For more information or to register, please visit:


IF you are interested in going,

  • RSVP to: the Premed Society,
  • Transportation to this event is provided

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Scribe America is currently hiring part-time and full-time employees!

Scribes work side-by-side with doctors in the Emergency Department at Cayuga Medical Center and the Ithaca Convenient Care Center here in Ithaca. Working as a scribe is a great opportunity to gain skills and first-hand experience in the field of medicine and can be very helpful for those interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

If interested, you can apply at

Browse frequently asked questions about Scribe America and the medical scribe profession.

Please reach out to me at or 608-698-7561 if you have any questions!

Erika Glaubitz

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