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Justin Bird will be on the first floor of CNS on Monday (5/1) from 10-12 handing out graduation pins to all graduating Pre-Health Students for FREE

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President: Colette Piasecki-Masters

Vice-President: Anna Tarren

Treasurer: Becca Difabio

Secretary: Brianna Hoody

Dental Chair: Zach Meunier

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We will be having elections for next years  E-Board positions.


The following positions are open.


  • Lead, organize and coordinate meetings and events
  • Reach out to speakers and set up meetings
  • Assist students in preparation for desired career path


  • Actively collaborate with other executive board members to organize bi-weekly guest speakers and fundraising events
  • Serve to assist the President with any duties needed within the year   
  • Provide information to IC Pre-health’s community to enhance their knowledge of and experience in health-related careers
  • Work to ensure the continual improvement of the society by addressing any concerns from the board or members


  • Taking minutes, communicating with the general members to alert when meetings are, attending e-board meetings and general body meetings, communicating with e-board, helping plan events or any other responsibilities. 


  • Organize fundraisers
  • Handle money for the club
  • Contact SGA for funding

Dental Chair

  • Answer any and all questions regarding courses required for dental school
  • Have a general knowledge of dental schools and dentists around Ithaca
  • Reach out to students who show interest in the dental field
  • Be aware of events and open houses that occur at dental schools near the college and invite pre-dental students to them

In order to run please email Justin Bird your name, class, major, and what position you want to run for. Then in our meeting on Thursday we will have you give a short pitch as to why you believe you are best suited for that position.

I know everyone is busy this time of year. Even if you are not running for a position we still ask that you attend and have a say in the election process.

On another note, if anyone who is graduating wants a pre-health society pin to wear during graduation please email Justin Bird.

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University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine we are offering a few exciting online undergraduate courses in the upcoming Summer semester that are specifically geared towards students interested in Veterinary Medicine.  

The Dog is an online course (3 credits) specifically designed for undergraduate students interested in learning more about dogs, especially those planning careers in Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Technical Programs. Students will be introduced to a number of topics, including evolution, domestication, anatomy, biology, role in society, physiology, behavior, and health of the dog. Students enrolled at any College or University can take this course. For more information about this class or enrollment contact the Course Director,   Dr. Patrick Larkin ( 

The Horse is an online course (3 credits) for upper level undergraduate students, post-baccalaureate  students,  or graduate students that is  designed for students planning careers in large animal Veterinary Medicine or Veterinary Technical Programs. This course covers many important topics in the domesticated horse field including reproduction, anatomy, the musculoskeletal system, GI physiology, preventative health care, as well as current research. Students enrolled at any College or University can take this course. For more information about this class or enrollment contact the Course Director, Dr. Patrick Larkin ( 

Manatee Health and Conservation is an online course (3 credits) that will provide students (upper level undergraduate and graduate) and professionals (with an AA or higher degree) with a detailed overview of manatee natural history, health assessment, and research findings as well as explore conservation issues. For more information about the class or enrollment, contact Dr. Iske Larkin (

If you are interested in taking one of the classes, registration is now open for the summer semester.

 Dr. Patrick Larkin

Lecturer and Course Director of The Dog and The Horse Classes
 Program Coordinator of Academy of Ranch Management
 Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences
 College of Veterinary Medicine
 University of Florida
 PO Box 100136
 2015 SW 16th Ave
 Gainesville, Florida 32610

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