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NEWEST: Updates from the Premed Officers; Event 9/23, 12:10 pm

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1.     This coming Tuesday we have an alumni, John Mullineaux, coming in to discuss his non-profit organization, Central American Relief Efforts, that focuses its humanitarian efforts on healthcare and education-based projects in Southern, Honduras. The meeting is in CNS 115 @ 12:10 on September 23rd.

2.     The following Tuesday (9/30) there are THREE different events/speakers we would love to see you attend.

a.     The first event is at the normal meeting time of 12:15, but since we are joining with the exercise science department, it will take place in Hill 104. The speaker, Pamela Adrian, will present about podiatric medicine, which is a highly specialized branch of medicine dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and disorders affecting the foot, ankle and lower extremities. Please join if you are interested.

b.     The second event is the grad school fair. This takes place from 5:30-7:30 and is a great tool that Ithaca College gives us. It can help jump-start new ideas for your future in medicine.

c.      The last event will be at the very end of the grad school fair in CNS 115 at 7:30. Kai Wise, an Admissions Advisor from Bastyr University, will be speaking about natural health arts and sciences in graduate school. Although this is not the typical allopathic or osteopathic route for most pre-medicine students, it is a way to study naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and Oriental medicine, and whole-food nutrition.

We really hope you can make it to these events! The eboard has been working hard to get as many people as possible in to speak to you and inform you of all of the options you have in the future.


Two more things, that’s it! First, could everyone please sign up with orgsync! It takes two seconds. Click this link: and use your netpass username and password to login and sign up with us. Second, I know that I spoke with some of you at the meeting last week about a mentorship program but for those of you who did not hear about this, we will be starting a mentor/mentee program with underclassmen/upperclassmen respectively. If you are interested in being a part of this program (either as a mentor or mentee) please email me with your information. It is great to put on a resume! This will be set up in the next few weeks, as we get further along in the semester. For the time being, if you have questions please just email Thanks!


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John Mullineaux, ‘71

Director, Central American Relief Efforts (CARE)

September 23, 12:10 p.m., CNS 115

Food will be provided.

Come and learn about humanitarian efforts on healthcare and education-based projects in southern Honduras.

CARE provides medical assistance to rural communities in southwest Honduras.  This assistance is provided primarily by trips undertaken by college students mostly in January or during Spring Break.  These students assist local doctors we contact with for the duration of the trip.  

Everyone is welcome to attend!

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Although prevet has its own club,those members 
are always welcome to attend 
any premed event/meeting.  

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