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Offered by the SUNY Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine, August 3rd- 8th, 2014

Students are exposed to every aspect of dentistry including all specialties so that students truly understand what dental school is like.

Applications can be submitted starting December 10, 2013.

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Below is a great summary from the premed advisor at Johns Hopkins on factors to consider if you’re trying to determine whether you should be taking the MCATs soon (ie. In the “old format”) or if you should plan to take the “new” MCATs in 2015.

"Deciding Which Exam To Take"

When is the final administration of the old MCAT?

There are three dates that the (current) MCAT is scheduled for January 2015, January 8, 10, and 13.


Which exam will I need to take? 

In general, if you want to start medical school in 2015, you will take the current MCAT exam. If you want to start school in 2016 or 2017, you will probably take the new MCAT2015 exam. Please note that medical schools will likely accept the current MCAT scores for the 2016 and 2017 admission cycle. However, please review MSAR Online for information about individual medical school’s admission requirements.  A great place to start in trying to figure out whether you should be taking the old or the MCAT2015® is on the MCAT site.


CLICK HERE to read the AAMC’s perspective on “Which exam will you take.”

The considerations discussed here include a) when you want to start medical school, and b) when you are going to be ready (prepared) to take the test.  Additional questions addressed on this page are:

  • What’s the same and what’s different about the current MCAT exam and the MCAT2015® exam?
  • How will you know if a medical school accepts current MCAT scores or MCAT2015® scores?

It is important to review the MSAR Online for information about individual medical school’s admission requirements.


If I take the old MCAT and need to retake the MCAT after January 2015, will I have to take the MCAT2015®? 

Yes, and you will need to take steps for the additional preparation for the MCAT2015®.


If I intend to apply to medical school for the 2016 entry year, should I take the old MCAT or the MCAT2015®?  What are some considerations I should take into account in making this decision? 
Many applicants for the 2016 entry year from class year 2015 (who are taking a gap/bridge year) will have taken the old MCAT during the summer 2014. 

  • If you initially take the MCAT during the summer of 2014 and, ultimately, decide to retake the test, it is recommended that you retake the old MCAT in January 2015. 
  • We do not recommend you take the MCAT for the first time in January 2015.  If you do not score well and find yourself having to retake the test, you will be studying for the MCAT2015 and therefore preparing for a new test in a different style and format from which you are already familiar.

If I intend to apply to medical school for the 2017 entry year, should I take the old MCAT or the MCAT2015®?

It has not been determined yet whether all applicants to medical school for 2017 will be required to have taken the MCAT2015®.  Information will be forthcoming.

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