Pre-Doctoral Diversity Fellowships

Fellowship Alumni


Hollie Kulago (Anthropology, Education and Native American Studies)

Hollie received her Ph.D. from Purdue University. Her dissertation research focused on Diné youth and how they define "community." At Ithaca College, Hollie bridged three academic areas -- Native American studies, anthropology, and education -- and participated in the planning of Native American Celebration Month. After the fellowship she continued on in the Anthropology Department as a part time faculty during 2011-2012 before acquiring a tenure track job at Elmira College in Childhood Education.

ANTH 19000 Learning Across Cultures: From Education to Anthropology

ANTH 29000 Teaching, Learning and Education in the Multicultural Southwest


Eric Pido (Sociology)

Eric received his Ph.D. from the University of California-Berkeley in ethnic studies. His research traced the circulation and place-making of Filipinos traversing between the U.S. and the Philippines through the memories and cultural imprints of their lives. After the fellowship Eric began a tenure track position in Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University.

SOCI 13501 Immigration and Citizenship

SOCI 33600 Global Migration and Citizenship in the U.S.


Donathan Brown (Communication Studies)

Donathan received his Ph.D. in speech communication at Texas A&M University. His dissertation focused on the intersection of race, rhetoric and public policy, focusing on Latinos and African Americans. In the fall of 2011, Donathan began a tenure track position at Ithaca College in the Department of Communication Studies.

SPCM 28901 Communication, Race, and Public Policy

SPCM 34700 Intercultural Communication 


Jeffreen Hayes (Art History)

Jeffreen received her Ph.D. from College of William and Mary, Department of American Studies, in the area of contemporary African American visual culture. After the Ithaca College fellowship, Jeffreen obtained an Andrew W. Mellon Curatorial Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

ARTH 27513 Introduction to African American Art: Fashioning an Identity

ARTH 35002 Post Soul: Black Art After 1980 



Shauna Kirlew (English)

Shauna received a Ph.D. in English at Georgia State University as well as a Ph.D. in American Studies at Johannes Gutenberg Universität-Mainz in Germany. Her dissertation project investigated the ways in which 21st-century African American and African Diasporic literature engages neocolonialism, U.S. hegemony and empire. After the fellowship, Shauna obtained a tenure track job at Howard University in the Department of English

ENGL 22100 Survey of Africa American Literature

ENGL 37100 21st Century Literature of the African Diaspora


Eric Hamako (Education)

Eric received his Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in the Social Justice Education Program. His research focused on ways to improve anti-racist curricula and pedagogy used in college student affairs and community settings. After completing the fellowship, Eric was named to the Census Bureau’s National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic, and Other Populations and took a position as the Program Coordinator for the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity at Smith College.  He also serves on the Board of Directors of the MAVIN Foundation, an organization that fosters awareness of mixed heritage issues.

EDUC 29000 Zombies, Wizards, Vampires, and More: Media Literacy for Social Justice

              EDUC 29002 Fixing “Diversity Education”


Christopher House (Communication Studies)

Chris received his Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in the Department of Communication. His dissertation project was titled "Rhetoric(s) of The Black Church: Race, Religion & HIV/AIDS Across the African Diaspora” and examined the rhetorical strategies, underpinnings and justifications of pastoral communication surrounding the HIV/AIDS crisis, which disproportionately affects people of African descent. In the fall of 2012, Christopher began a tenure track position at Ithaca College in the Department of Communication Studies.

SPCM 11000 Public Communication

SPCM 45900 Rhetoric(s) of the Black Church: Sex, Religion & HIV/AIDS Across the African Diaspora



Ana Paula Pimentel Walker (Anthropology and Latin American Studies)

Ana Paula received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of California, San Diego. Her dissertation was titled "Face-to-Face Citizenship: The Effects, Ethics, and Aesthetics of Participatory Municipal Planning in Brazil." She collaborated with the Latin American Studies program and guest lectured in several courses. After the fellowship Ana Paula began a tenure track position at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning.

                ANTH 29002 Anthropology of Latin American and the Caribbean

              ANTH 39012 Legal Anthropology


Lai Sze Tso (Sociology)

Lai Sze received her Ph.D. from the Joint Program in Sociology and Women's Studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Her dissertation was titled "'Making it in China: Why Rural Women Climb the Ladder by Moving into China's Cities." After the fellowship, Lai Sze obtained a post-doctoral fellowship at the Pediatric Prevention Research Center at Wayne State University School of Medicine.

              SOCI 10200 Contemporary Social Issues

              SOCI  23801 Global Sexualities


Armando Lara-Millan (Sociology)

Armando received his Ph.D. from the Department of Sociology at Northwestern University. His dissertation was titled "Hospital Beds and Jail Beds: Los Angeles County and the New Management of Poverty 1978-2011." His research focused on the fields of urban politics, health, mass incarceration and the effects of America's vast prison and policing system on community health the life chances of poor people of color. After Ithaca College, Armando was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Delaware for the President’s Diversity Initiative.

                            SOCI 11000 Sociology of Overcrowding and Incarceration in the Age of American Decline

                            SOCI 24001 Selected Topics in Inequality: Sociology of Overcrowding



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