Experiential Learning Courses in H&S

Education - Education for Social Change (EDUC 26000)Education - Education for Social Change (EDUC 26000)
Professional Practice: Students engage in project-centered learning and work weekly in schools and youth-service agencies.

This course focuses on the study of concepts and practices that can help education serve as a force for constructive social change. A key objective of the course is to learn how to create educational experiences in classrooms, schools, and community-based programs that will contribute to both the academic success of students and the development of a more humane and just society and world. Topics include: democratic schools and classrooms; critical theory and pedagogy; anti-racist/anti-bias education; the thematic design of curriculum; authentic assessment and portfolios; building a caring, cooperative community in classrooms and schools; building positive school-home and school-community relationships; using the community as a site for learning service, and activism; technology as a tool for activist education and the creation of global networks; and more. The course is designed to reflect in its process many of the topics studied. Students participate in the design of some of the syllabus and engage in project-centered learning, including a combination of individual and group work. Students also engage in required weekly work in schools and youth-service agencies (3-4 hours a week) and draw on this experience in projects and class discussion.

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