Experiential Learning Courses in H&S

Communication Studies - Internship: Communication Studies (CMST 39500)Communication Studies - Internship: Communication Studies (CMST 39500)
Professional Practice: Communications Studies non-majors and minors design an experience in consultation with a faculty sponsor and site supervisor.

A communication studies internship can be generated by the student to suit their career and educational goals. The student starts by completing a set of courses that prepares them to go to work in a professional environment, then find an appropriate site and a faculty sponsor to help clarify their learning goals. Once the student is placed, they fulfill our intern duties, while reflecting on how professionals communicate, work as a team to accomplish goals, establish meaningful roles and rules to guide behavior, and develop norms about ethics, language, dress, conflict resolution, and so on. At the end of the experience, the student writes an analytic paper under the direction of their faculty sponsor.

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