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Copyright and Art Issues (compiled by Christine L. Sundt)

Ithaca College Copyright Policy

This policy and guidelines are designed to ensure all faculty, staff, and students have access to consistent information on copyright in accordance with federal law.

Ithaca College is committed to supporting teaching, research, learning and nonacademic operations in the advancement of the College's educational mission. Intellectual, technological, and information resources and materials are provided for use by the entire College community and are to be used in accordance with the provisions of the United States Copyright Act of 1976 as amended, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, and the Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act of 2002, unless licenses or agreements exist which allow for exceptions. All users of such resources and materials are expected to follow the standards outlined in the College's copyright policy and supporting guidelines.

You can find the full Copyright Policy text here:  Ithaca College Policy Manual

Ithaca College Policy Manual

Section 2.32 Copyright Policy and Guidelines

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