Athletic Training Education

Professional Avenues for Certified Athletic Trainers

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that between now and 2018, there will be a 37% increase in job opportunities for athletic trainers. And as the professional settings for athletic trainers continues to expand into the military, industrial and performing artist domains, the future looks bright for students looking to study athletic training and to find gainful employment after them become certified by the BOC.

Since athletic training is a dynamic allied health care field, it's study requires intensive preparation and experience in many of the biomedical and human sciences in order to become a competent health care provider. Since 1950, both the practice and education of athletic training has evolved to meet the growing needs and challenges of a diverse assortment of active patient populations that fall under the "sports medicine umbrella". As such, preparing to be a certified athletic trainer opens up many potential professional options for the industrious student looking to work in the sports medicine and health care arenas.

Our professional association (NATA) has produced several presentations and videos highlighting a "Day in the Life of an Athletic Trainer" in many of the different and exciting professional settings that you see athletic trainers working. You can see these  presentations by clicking here, including a new video that explains how more and more certified ATs are functioning as Physician Extenders. Following is a sampling of what some of Bomber AT alumni are now doing with their Ithaca College degree:

Gretchen Schlabach, PhD, ATC, Class of 1974: Associate Professor and Athletic Training Education Director

Lynn Steenberg, PT, ATC, Class of 1978; CEO & President, Sports Physical Therapy of New York

Cathy Horne, ATC, Class of 1982;  Head AT, Connecticut College

Katherine Anagnostis, ATC, Class of 1982, AT & Teacher, Bath High School, Bath, ME

Christopher White, ATC, Class of 1985; Head AT, Brophy Preparatory School, Phoenix, AZ

Peter Youngman, ATC, Class of 1986; Head AT, Sacramento Kings, NBA

Susan Brookes, Class of 1988; Physician Assistant

Andrew Bean, PT, ATC, Class of 1989; Clinical physical therapist & AT, Buffalo, NY

Patrick Hinfey, MD, Class of 1991; Physician

Jill Manners, ATC, Class of 1993; Assistant Professor & Clinical Coordinator, Western Carolina University

Steven Bartlinski, ATC, PTA, Class of 1994; Assistant AT, Stanford University, CA

Julie Skinner, RN, Class 1995; Nurse, US Armed Forces

Debra Roy, PA, ATC, Class of 1995; Physician Assistant & AT

Louis Fraulo, ATC, Class of 1996; Surgi-Care Inc., Waltham, MA

Matt Tauber, ATC, CSCS, Class of 1996; Sports Performance Specialist, Altheus Performance, Larchmont, NY

Katie Clair, ATC, Class of 1997; Industrial AT, Boeing Corporation, Seattle, WA

Ian McCleod, MS, ATC, CMT; USA Swimming, Author, Swimming Anatomy

Heather Piper, PhD, ATC, Class of 1998; Medical Research Assistant, Duke University

Matt Eddy, ATC, Class of 1999; Head AT, Vermont Academy

Michael Henderson, MD, Class of 1999; Physician

Michelle Quaglino, PA, ATC, Class of 2000; St. Barnabas Hospital, Bronx, NY

Nicole Fava, MS, ATC, Class of 2001; Assistant AT, UNC-Chapel Hill, NC

Mike White, MS, ATC, Class of 2002; Toronto Blue Jays baseball club

Craig Roberto, MD, Class of 2001; Osteopathic Physician

Kimberly Van Pelt, PA, ATC, Class of 2003; Physician assistant & AT

Matt Fria, ATC CSCS, Class of 2004; Assistant strength & conditioning coach, Denver Nuggets of the NBA

Matt Miller, MS, ATC, CSCS, Class of 2004; Strength & conditioning coach, Aqua Theater LeReve Health Services, Wynn, Las Vegas

Bryan Petti, MS, ATC, Class of 2005; Orthopedic practice, Buffalo, NY

Nancy Patterson Flynn, MS, ATC, CSCS, Class of 2006; Assistant Athletic Trainer, Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Club

Jimmy Preuter, ATC, DO, Class of 2006; Osteopathic Physician, Ohio

Devin Hull, DPM, Class of 2006; Licensed Podiatrist, Elmira, NY

Sarah Piebes, MS, ATC, Class of 2006; Clinical Assistant Professor, Ithaca College

Melissa Brown, NP, ATC, Class of 2007; Nurse Practitioner, Marquette, WI

Kelly McAree, PA, ATC, Class of 2006; Physician Assistant, Family Practice, Boston, MA

Matt Tenan, PhD, ATC, Class of 2007; Neurophysiologist, US Army Research Laboratory, Baltimore, MD

Kristina Bramwell, ATC, DPT, Class of 2007; Physical Therapist & Athletic Trainer, Cayman Islands Hospital, George Town, CI

Jason Edelstein, ATC, Class of 2008; Orthopedic Technologist, Brigham & Womens' Hospital, Boston, MA

Emily Ambrose, ATC, Class of 2008; Athletic Trainer, Performing Artists, Walt Disney Land, Los Angeles, CA

Kelly McMullen Adler, MeD, ATC, Class of 2008; Physician Extender, University Sports Medicine, Rochester, NY

Caleb Crowell, MS, ATC, Class of 2008; Assistant Athletic Trainer, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Becky Bedard, MS, ATC, Class of 2009; Assistant Athletic Trainer, William & Smith College, Geneva, NY

Megan Himes, MS, ATC, Class of 2009; Physician Extender & AT, Vail Summit Orthopedics, Vail, CO

Cody Herbert, MS, ATC, Class of 2009; Assistant Athletic Trainer, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY

Leigh Starzynski, MS, ATC, Class of 2009; Naval Health Clinic of New England, Newport, RI

Jess Farley, DPT, ATC, Class of 2010; Athletic Trainer & Physical Therapist, Junior Broadbeach Cats, Australian Rules Football League, Australia & Mass General Hospital, MA

Caitlin McFadden, ATC, Class of 2010; Intern, The Ohio State University Sports Medicine, OH

Kevin Orloski, ATC, Class of 2010; Minor League AT, Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball, Phoenix, AZ

Amanda Boccio, DC, ATC, Class of 2010; Doctor of Chiropractic & Athletic Trainer, Sports & Spinal Wellness Center, NYC, NY

Elyse Putorti, ATC, Class of 2011; Orthopedic Patient Navigator at Cayuga Medical Center Sports Medicine in Ithaca, NY

Kyle Devins, ATC, & David Bloom, ATC, Class of 2011; Medical Students, SUNY Upstate Medical College, Syracuse, NY

Kassia Garfield, DPT, ATC, AT Class of 2010 & DPT Class of 2012; Staff Physical Therapist, Back in Motion PT, Portland, ME

Mike Becker, ATC, Class of 2011; Minor League Athletic Trainer, New York Yankees Baseball, Tampa, FL

Jon Lin, ATC, Class of 2011 & DPT, Class of 2013; Seasonal Athletic Trainer, New York Giants Football Club, NY & Staff Physical Therapist, University of Rochester Medical Center

Rebecca Campbell, ATC, Class of 2012; Physician Extender, Premier Ortho & Sports Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

Dan Adelman, MS, ATC, Class of 2011; Assistant AT, Baltimore Ravens Football Club, MD

Taryn Gilrein, MS, ATC, Class of 2011; Assistant AT, the University of Indiana

Amber Duda, ATC, Class of 2013; Medical student, Campbell University, NC

Caroline Lisee, ATC, Class of 2013; Clinic Outreach AT, Maryland SportsCare & Rehab, Mt. Airy, MD

Sarah Donovan, ATC, Class of 2014; AT for Bozeman High School, MT

Rebecca Guzzo, ATC, Class of 2014; AT Intern at The College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA



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