Group Exercise

Group Exercise Schedule

Fall 2016








Classes will begin Monday 8/29 unless otherwise noted.


6:30 –6:45


6:30 - 6:45


6:30-6:45 -Stretch        

6:30 - Stretch

6:30 - Joint Mobility



6:45-7:45                 Cardio Resistance Circuit



6:45-7:45                 Cardio Resistance Circuit





















11-11:50                  Zumba (Kristen)


11-11:50                  Barre (Isis)


11-11:50  Rowing & Strength (Kevin)



12-12:50 Rowing & Strength (Kevin)

12-12:50 Bootcamp (Megan)

12-12:50 Rowing & Strength (Branden)







Boxing  (Jimmy)

1-1:50           Zumba


1-1:50                      Spin


















4:15-5:15 Power Yoga (Brielynn)




5:15-6:05 Bootcamp (Megan)




5:15-6:05 Zumba (Coriene)


Body Pump (Julie)









Group Exercise Descriptions   Barre with Isis:

This class includes basic principles of yoga, Pilates, isometrics, cardio, and strength training using a ballet barre as a support for balance and using fundamental ballet barre work. This is an energizing and enjoyable workout for anyone. By emphasizing fundamental movement, this class will burn calories and build strength without putting excessive strain on the bones and joints.

  Body Pump with Julie: In this class get ready to move your body to the beat using light to moderate weights with high repetitions. Body Pump will give you a total body work out targeting your major muscle groups using squats, presses, curls, and more! You pick the weight, you pick the challenge. This class is perfect for anyone who is trying to increase strength and become more toned.  

Bootcamp with Megan:

A class with 3 - 5 members that will be high intensity and combine cardio, resistance training, and body weight exercises. No two classes will be the same! We will use steps, battle ropes, stationary bikes and much more. Come push yourself at Bootcamp! *Sign up only

  Boxing with Jimmy: This class incorporates the use of basic boxing fundamentals to help tone lean muscle and reduce overall body fat. Through repetition of specific movements, this type of training will help to improve participant’s coordination, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. (Moderate Intensity). Cycling with Megan:

Are you having trouble doing cardio? Do you need a low impact workout? Come jump on a bike, burn some calories, and build both your lower-body strength and cardio base. This class is adaptable for all exercise abilities! It will get your heart rate up and make you sweat, all while listening to some awesome music!

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with Jess:

High intensity interval training incorporates different exercises performed for a short duration but at a high work rate. It's a great way to use your body weight, medicine balls, battle ropes, and other fitness equipment to make working out fast and fun while you sweat!

 Rise & Shine Cardio Resistance Circuit:

This workout gets your heart rate up through moderate to high levels of intensity alternating both aerobic and resistance exercise machines. It is guaranteed to wake you up and leave you energized for the rest of the day. 

Rowing and Strength with Kevin & Branden:

This class is a fusion of indoor rowing and resistance training. You’ll burn an extreme amount of calories and increase lean muscle mass, all while increasing your muscular endurance. This class is open to all fitness levels and exercises can be scaled to fit any level of rowing experience.

Power Yoga with BrieLynn:

Focusing on balanced movement of both strength and gentleness, you'll develop greater body awareness, flexibility, and endurance in this vinyasa style flow. Explanation of poses are cued and demonstrated to enable new students to follow easily.  Regardless of age, flexibility, or strength, this yoga class will meet and honor where you are.  In addition to the physical changes you'll start to recognize less stress and an increased focus off your mat. 

Zumba® with Coriene & Kristen: Ditch the workout, join the party! The Zumba® program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away. Our goal is simple: We want you to want to work out, to love working out, and to get hooked. Add Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you've got a Zumba® class!









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