Exercise tips for the summer

Is it too nice out to stay inside and work out? Use these tips to get a full body workout! 

  • It’s easy to get in the routine of running the same loop day after day. Try a new loop using a smart phone app, run in a new direction for half the time, then turn around. You can also run at a local park or trail near home.
  • Body-weight exercises are a great resistance workout and don’t require any equipment. They can attack multiple muscle groups in one exercise and, done in a quick succession, can keep heart rate high (just remember proper form!).
  • At home with the kids? Go to any store and pick up a couple of jump ropes. Having a competition can be fun and in 8-10 minutes you can burn the same number of calories as jogging a mile!
  • Don’t forget to be creative. Don’t have a bench for dips or rows? Use a bed or chair! Used to using dumbbells for your resistance training? Try different sized water bottles (filled with water or sand) or even a sand castle bucket!

Here’s a 30-minute workout you can do anywhere––at home, the beach, even poolside!

  • 5 minute dynamic warm up o High knees, butt kicks, gates, walk on your toes then heels, and lunges
  • 10 minutes of cardio
  • Run, bike, swim in the ocean or pool, jump rope, or briskly walk 10 minutes of resistance 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off (allow a 30 second break after each set)
    • Set 1: Burpees, lunges, bicycle
    • Set 2: Vertical Jump, glute bridge, toe touches
    • Set 3: Bear Walk, tricep push-up, superman
    • Set 4: Crab Walk, push-up, Russian twist
    • Set 5: Heisman with shuffle, mountain climber, up-down plank • 5 minutes of static stretching
  • Check with one of the fitness specialists in the Clinic if you have questions about the above workout or to help plan your summer workouts!


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