Transferring into the Combined BS/MS Program


Transferring to the Combined BS/MS Occupational Therapy Program

Students Currently at Ithaca College in another Major (Internal Transfer Students)

The Ithaca College OT program accepts a limited number of  qualified transfer students into the combined BS/MS program pending space in the desired cohort.  When space is available, preference is given to qualified internal candidates.

Students Currently at Another Institution (External Transfer Students)

Students currently enrolled at another institution (external transfer students) should contact the admissions department of Ithaca College to learn if we are currently accepting applications for transfer. The admissions staff can be reached at /admission/contact/

How can I apply to the occupational therapy program at the undergraduate level?

Students may apply to transfer into the occupational therapy program in any semester up to the fall of the junior year of study in the program. Students currently at Ithaca College who wish to change majors should review the transfer procedure worksheet located on the right side bar of this page. If you are interested, fill out the contact sheet located in the right side bar and contact the OT Department Administrative Assistant, Evan Swanhart in Smiddy Hall 200.    It is important to note that changing majors might mean that you might have to take additional coursework or time to be on track in the program. Please note that there is an additional information sheet posted as well as the application form.

Can I transfer into the program at the master's level only?

Students who have earned a bachelors degree in a field other than occupational therapy who wish to apply to our professional-entry graduate program should contact Dr. Melinda Cozzolino at

What courses should I take if I plan to seek admission into the undergraduate program as a transfer student?

Courses students must complete before the junior year include BIOL 11900, CHEM 11000, PHIL 101, 212, or 230, PSYC 10300, WRTG 10600, OTBS 10600, 20100, and 20200, HLTH 20500 and 1 sociology or anthropology course.

Students must also have taken courses that align with the Integrated Core Curriculum general education requirements and meet the QL readiness of math placement in group 1 or 2 and passing score on the QL readiness exam. Information about the Integrative Core Curriculum can be found at /icc/  As the Occupational Therapy curriculum is very tightly structured from the Junior year through the graduate year it is critical that students have as many general education and prerequisite courses as possible taken prior to the junior fall. Moving directly into the junior year requires careful planning to be sure all requirements have been met. It is strongly recommended that any student who plans to seek admittance as a transfer student contact the department chair to discuss prerequisite courses.

How can I track my progress toward meeting required prerequisites?

The curriculum worksheet listed on the sidebar as a featured document on this webpage can be used by students who are considering applying for transfer to the BS/MS program as a general, unofficial guide to help determine which courses might need to be taken prior to transfer.

Who do I Contact for More Information?

If you have questions about transferring into the combined BS/MS program at the freshman, sophomore, or junior level please contact Dr. Diane Long in the Occupational Therapy Department.

Diane Long, Ed. D, MOTR/L, Associate Professor and Chair

207 Smiddy Hall
Ithaca, NY 14850


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