HSHP Preprofessional Program Pathway

Before You Are Accepted:
Consider attending a Saturday Open House or Ithaca and You
Meet/Contact the faculty Coordinator and Administrative Assistant
Apply as a HSHP Preprofessional on the Ithaca College Application.

Once You Are Accepted:
Attend Freshman Orientation/Registration and be advised by your HSHP Preprofessional Coordinator/Advisor in order to obtain your fall semester, first-year schedule. It is suggested that you take a class entitled "Health Sciences: Foundations and Careers" in order to be exposed, from the very beginning, to all the varying program and career options within our school. Your first semester will also include at least one course within the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance and general education requirements.

To get off to a great start, make sure you attend the Meet the Dean and Your Advisor Session (immediately after Convocation). Afterwards, locate the office (320 Smiddy Hall) that houses the HSHP Preprofessional Program and find the HSHP Preprofessional Coordinator's office (Smiddy 311). Please note the bulletin board outside--hard copy of any messages for Prepros will be posted on this board. Also, any announcements or messages will be posted on the link for the Bulletin Board. It will be updated often, so please check frequently!

Work with the faculty Coordinator and/or assigned HSHP Preprofessional Advisor. Make the most of your time for discovery! Ask questions, get answers! Receive the intensive guidance and academic advisement concerning program choices and a future profession offered to HSHP Preprofessional students!

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