2012-2013 BS/MS Curriculum Worksheet

The 2012-2013 Curriculum Worksheet is available for use by current or prospective students.

Current Students: The worksheet can be used by current students to track progress on completion of courses required in the major. Keep in mind that the 2010-2011 worksheet reflects the curriculum for that year and that it does not apply to any students following a different course sequence. Please note that all students should meet with their advisors regularly to track progress and plan for upcoming semesters.

Students considering transferring: The worksheet can be used by students who are considering applying for transfer to the BS/MS program as a general, unofficial guide to help determine which courses might need to be taken prior to transfer. It is important to note that course names are not sufficient for determining course equivalencies. All students should read the Ithaca College course descriptions carefully and work to match the course content when taking courses at other institutions.

It is very important to note that there is no guarantee that because  course descriptions sound similar a course from another institution will be deemed an equivalent substitute for Ithaca College courses. The registrars office can assist students who wish to determine course equivalencies from other institutions provided the specific course at the other institution has been evaluated by the appropriate academic departments in the past.

Download 2012-2013 BS/MS Curriculum Worksheet
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