The outdoor pursuits minor is open to students majoring in all disciplines except outdoor adventure leadership and recreation management. Outdoor pursuits are utilized in many settings. Businesses are using “outward bound” type programs with their executives. Social service agencies offer camping and outdoor adventure programs for clients. Schools are using outdoor education and camping programs as part of their curricula. This academic minor program prepares students to plan, organize, and lead outdoor recreation programs of limited scope.


▪   RLS-15100 Foundations of Outdoor Adventure Pursuits (1 LA SS)

Electives - A minimum of 12 credits from the following:

▪   RLS-180xx ST: Adventure Skill Fundamentals*

▪   RLS-190xx ST: Adventure Skill Fieldwork*

▪   RLS-21600 Outdoor Adventure Skills

▪   RLS-21800 Wilderness First Responder

▪   RLS-22000 The Wilderness Experience (LA)

▪   RLS-22300 Wilderness Literacy (LA HU)

▪   RLS-280xx ST: Adventure Skill Management*

▪   RLS-35400 Org & Sup of Outdoor Pursuits

▪   RLS-37000 Recreational Land Use Ethics (LA)

▪   RLS-42100 Wilderness Expedition Leadership

▪   RLS-43000 Adventure Education

Total Credits 15-21

The courses in bold are part of the Outdoor Adventure Leadership Immersion Semester Program (OAL ISP). This program requires special permission and an application process in order to register. Space is very limited for minors, so it is encouraged that minors declare early in order to secure a spot in the OAL ISP.
* The courses listed above with an asterisk are only offered during the winter and/or summer sessions. If you are planning on completing this minor using some of these courses it is imperative that preplanning is done to complete the minor. The summer programs run 8 weeks in length and will range from 6-7 credits for each program.
NOTE: A maximum of 12 transfer credits will be accepted for this minor. These may be credits obtained from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), Outward Bound, or other experiential programs giving academic credit. These 12 credits will be submitted for the courses identified with the asterisks (*).

RECREATION MINOR (16-19 credits)

The recreation minor is open to students majoring in all disciplines except outdoor adventure leadership, recreation management, and therapeutic recreation.
Designed to increase the student's awareness of the importance and extent of leisure and recreation in modern society, and to prepare students to plan, organize, and lead a recreation program of limited scope in a variety of settings.


▪   RLS-10100 Leisure and Society

▪   RLS-10500 Fundamentals of Leadership

▪   RLS-23200 Program Planning

▪   RLS-12200 Emergency Health Care

▪   RLS-xxxxx Recreation Electives

▪   RLS-24800 Service Learning I: Programing

 OR 200 hours volunteer/paid experience in recreation leadership or programming

Total Credits 16-19



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