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Sport Management (B.S.)

To successfully manage today's increasingly sophisticated amateur and professional athletics programs, you need a broad-based academic perspective and a range of practical experiences. Our program provides both: a rich, interdisciplinary examination of the social, ethical, economic, legal, political, and business principles that affect sports organizations, and hands-on fieldwork and internships, so you can apply those principles. This degree will prepare you well for either graduate study -- in sport management, business management, or law -- or a career in sport management.

Your coursework emphasizes ethics, business, and sport management electives that address various facets of the sport industry; you'll also follow a core curriculum in management taught through the School of Business. Many of your class projects will have a unique real-world component, such as developing policy recommendations for the National Basketball Association or Major League Baseball and writing strategic marketing plans for sports organizations and events. We also encourage you to choose a minor that relates to your career goals.

You'll find a wide array of choices for your fieldwork and internship experiences, including the commissioner and league offices of major sports; international and domestic professional sports teams such as the New York Mets, the Philadelphia Eagles, or the Boston Celtics; amateur sports groups such as the U.S. Olympic Committee; foundations, halls of fame, and conferences; collegiate athletics offices; media organizations; sports marketing firms such as Octagon and IMG; and sports arenas such as Madison Square Garden.

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