Members and Officers

Please get in touch with any of us to share concerns and issues you believe the Senate should take up.


2015 - 2016  Senate Officers

President: Claire Gleitman
Vice President: Jennifer Tennant
Secretary: Brendan Murday
At-large Executive Committee members:

Hugh Egan and Rebecca Plante


2015- 2016  Senate Members

Fine Arts

2013-2016: Carla Stetson, Art,

2014-2017: Wendy Dann, Theatre Arts,

2015-2018: Jennifer Jolly, Art History, 


2013-2016: Claire Gleitman, English,

2014-2017: Matt Klemm, History,

2015-2018: Enrique Gonzalez-Conty,


2013-2016: Sharon Stansfield, Computer Sciences,

2014-2017: Matt Price, Physics,

2015-2018: Aaron Weinberg, Mathematics,

Social Sciences

2013-2016: Peyi Soyinka-Airewele, Politics,

2014-2017: David Turkon, Anthropology,

2015-2018:: Jennifer Tennant, Economics,

At Large

2013-2016: Hugh Egan, English,

2014-2017: Brendan Murday, Philosophy and Religion,

2015-2018: Rebecca Plante, Sociology,

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