Approved ICC Diversity, Quantitative Literacy, Writing Intensive, and Capstone Courses

ICC Diversity Courses

ANTH27300 The Iroquois and Their Neighbors

ARTH24300 Gender and Visual Culture effective Fall 2015

ARTH26500 Modern Latin American Art

ARTH28700 Latino Art in the United States

CLTC10000 Introduction to Culture and Communication

CMST34700 Intercultural Communication

CMST34800 Family Communication

CSCR10600 Introduction to African Diaspora Studies

CSCR10700 Introduction to Latino/a Studies

CSCR11000 Introduction to Asian American Studies

CSCR12300 Introduction to Culture, Race & Ethnicity Concepts

CSCR23700 Policing the Borderlands: Power, Policy, and Justice effective Summer 2015

CSCR25000 Hip-Hop Cultures

CSCR25600 The Politics of Whiteness effective Spring 2015

CSCR26100 Watching Race in American Media

CSCR27000 Asian American Race Rebels

CSCR29002 Selected Topics: Race and Love in Asian America effective Spring 2015

CSCR35100 Race and Sexual Politics

CSCR35200 Punishment, Prisons, and Democracy

CSCR43500 Black Radical Traditions effective Spring 2015

EDUC34000 Social and Cultural Foundations of Education

ENGL10400 Introduction to Contemporary World Literatures effective fall 2014

ENGL19408 The Power of Injustice & the injustice of Power

ENGL19410 Engendering Modernity: 20th-Century Women Writers

ENGL19414 Introduction to Asian American Literature effective spring 2015

ENGL21100 Jewish American Writers

ENGL22000 Black Women Writers

ENGL22100 Survey of African American Literature

ENGL35000 Imagining Herself: Women's Autobiography

ENGL36900 Studies in Multicultural American Literature

GERO22000 Sociology of Aging (cross listed SOCI22000) effective fall 2014

HIST19403 From the Margins: European Social History, 1500-1914 effective fall 2014

HIST24500 The American Civil War effective fall 2014

HLTH20500 Critical Health Issues (SO) effective summer 2015

HLTH48700 Multicultural Issues in Health effective spring 2015

HNRS20021 Nonfiction South of the Border

HNRS20022 Re-Imagining the Classics

HNRS21500 Honors International Scholarly Conversation effective spring 2015

ITAL33000 The Italian Americans effective spring 2015

JWST29400 Contemporary Jewish Identities: Gender, Race, and Power

LNGS19400 Memory, Exile and Revolution in Caribbean Literature and Film

LNGS19403 The Novel in the Mirror: Latin American Literature on Film

OTBS20600 The Culture of Disability effective fall 2014

PSYC21700 Mental Health in Historical and Social Context (cross listed SOCI21700)  effective fall 2014

PSYC26100 The Psychology of Women (cross listed WGST26100)

RLS34000 Inclusive Recreation and Diversity

SOCI20300 Juvenile Delinquency

SOCI20700 Race and Ethnicity

SOCI21200 Changing Contours of Work

SOCI21300 Sociology of Sexualities effective summer 2015

SOCI21700 Mental Health in Historical and Social Context (cross listed PSYC21700) effective fall 2014

SOCI22000 Sociology of Aging (cross listed GERO2200)  effective fall 2014

SOCI25000 Gender, The Environment and Global Change effective spring 2015

SOCI25300 Sociology of Health and Illness effective spring 2015

SOCI29200 Changing Families

SOCI32700 Work and the Family

SPAN33700 Introduction to Spanish Literature effective fall 2014

SPAN33800 Introduction to Latin American Literature

THEA24100 History of Theatre I effective fall 2014

WGST10000 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies effective fall 2014

WGST22000 Queer Studies effective fall 2014

WGST26100 Psychology of Women (cross listed PSYC26100)


ICC Writing Intensive Courses

ANTH37700 Biology of Poverty effective spring 2015

ARTH49000-49049 Seminar in Art History effective spring 2015

ARTH49200 Tutorial in Art History effective spring 2015

ARTH49050-49099 Seminar in Art History: Architecture Topic effective spring 2015

CMST35300 Language and Social Interaction effective fall 2014

CNPH30000 Fiction Film Theory effective fall 2014

CNPH30100 History and Theory of Documentary effective fall 2014

ENGL20100 Approaches to Literary Study

ENGL21800 Modern and Contemporary American Drama

ENGL23200 Medieval Literature

ENGL25000 Translation: The Art of Disguise (cross listed LNGS25000) effective spring 2015

ENGL28100 Romantic and Victorian Literature: Innocence and Experience effective fall 2014

ENGL31100 Dramatic Literature I

ENGL31200 Dramatic Literature II

ENGL31900 Great American Writers before 1890

ENGL32400 Literature of the Bible effective spring 2015

EXSS37500 Research Methods in Exercise and Sports Science

GERO48000 Gerontology Senior Seminar

HIST36500 The Sectional Conflict, 1820-1861 effective spring 2015

HIST48100-99 History Seminar: European effective spring 2015

HIST48300-48305 History Seminar: United States effective spring 2015

HIST49300 Tutorial US History effective spring 2015

HLTH33510 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Policy effective fall 2014

HNRS20016 Creativity and Madness: An Investigation effective spring 2015

HNRS20027 Honors Intermediate Seminar effective spring 2015

HNRS20028 Architecture of Health: The Development of Knowledge about Health in Societies effective spring 2015

JOUR21100 Visual Journalism

LNGS25000 Translation: The Art of Disguise (cross listed ENGL25000) effective spring 2015

MATH49800 Capstone in Mathematics I effective spring 2015

MUTH25600 History & Literature of Music II

OTBS46000 Research Methods in Occupational Therapy

PHIL28600 Philosophy and Literature effective spring 2015

RLS33200 Research Methods

RLST24000 Writing about Religion: Heaven & Hell effective fall 2014

STCM33200 Writing for Public Relations

THEA34700 London Theatre Immersion offered at IC London Center effective spring 2015

WRTG21100 Writing for the Workplace

WRTG21700 Inquiry, Research, and Writing Across the Disciplines


ICC Quantitative Literacy Courses

COMP11000 Computers and Information Technologies effective spring 2015

ECON12100 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON12200 Principles of Microeconomics

ENVS24300 Sustainable Energy: Powering the World [ x-listed PHYS24300 ] effective fall 2014

EXSS37500 Research Methods in Exercise and Sport Science

GERO12000 Aging by the Numbers effective spring 2015

HLTH31600 Health Research and Analysis

HNRS23009 Shrt Sem: Numbers in the News

HNRS23015 Math & Money: A brief introduction effective fall 2014

HNRS23017 Honors Short Seminar: A World of Numbers effective spring 2015

JOUR48400 Mass Media Research

MATH14400 Statistics for Business, Economics, & Management

MATH14500 Statistics for the Health, Life, and Social Sciences

MATH15500 Basic Statistical Reasoning

MATH16200 Proofiness

MATH16300 Numbers in Education

MATH21600 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics effective spring 2015

OTBS38500 Quantitative Concepts in Professional Reasoning

PHIL20400 Choosing Wisely effective fall 2014

PHYS24300 Sustainable Energy: Powering the World [ x-listed ENVS24300 ] effective fall 2014

PSYC20700 Statistics in Psychology

RLS33200 Research Methods

SOCI35400 Research Methods II

STCM28800 Research and Statistics for Strategic Communication

TVR26300 Mass Media Research Methods


ICC Capstone Courses

ENVS47500 Advanced Environmental Studies Seminar effective spring 2015

EXSS45600 Clinical Experience in Athletic Training VI

EXSS47300 Internship: Rehabilitative Clinical Exercise Science

EXSS47400 Internship: Preventative Clinical Exercise Science

EXSS47600 ICC Capstone in Exercise Science

GCOM43000 Connecting the Dots: General Education Integration

GERO48000 Gerontology Senior Seminar

HLTH44400 Leadership and Health Promotion

HLTH44800 Seminar in Health Education

IISP49800 Integrative Core Curriculum Capstone

MATH49800 Capstone in Mathematics I

MGMT42100 Strategic Management

MUED47000 Senior Music Education Capstone and Portfolio

MUMC46100 Senior Seminar in Music, Liberal Arts, and Outside Fields

MUMC47300 Required Senior Recital effective spring 2015

MUMC47301 Required Senior Voice Recital effective spring 2015

MUMC49200 Senior Project effective spring 2015

MUTH49100 Advanced Music Theory Seminar I

MUTH49200 Advanced Music Theory Seminar II

MUTH49800 Composition Recital

OTBS48100 ICC Capstone in OT

PHED44800 Professional Seminar

PLST40000 Planned Studies Capstone effective fall 2015

PTBS54203 Professional Development I

RLS45300 Seminar: Professional Development

SLPA47200 Clinical Methods

SPMM41500 Strategic Management in Sport

SPMM39400 Sport in Film and Literature

SPMM46000 Internship in Sport Media

THEA44500 Theatre Studies Capstone