Resources for Faculty

ICC Designation Committee Members

Spring 2015 semester


  • Michelle Bradshaw, Paul Geisler, Barbara Johnson-Root, Ari Kissiloff, Hormoz Movassaghi, and John White


  • Paul Geisler, Derek Adams, Sean Eversley Bradwell, Ellie Fulmer, Belisa Gonzalez, and Linda Heyne

Themes & Perspectives (Identities/Mind, Body, Spirit/The Quest for a Sustainable Future)

  •  Sharon Stansfield, Les Black, Maria DiFrancesco, Mary DePalma, Janet Hunting, Sarah Sutton, and Ivy Walz

Themes & Perspectives (Inquiry, Imagination, Innovation/World of Systems/Power & Justice)

  • Michelle Bradshaw, Chrystyna Dail, Paul Dickson, Heather Dichter, Denise Nuttall, and Paula Turkon

Quantitative Literacy

  • Ari Kissiloff, David Brown, Chris Hummel, Teresa Moore, and Kimberly Wilkinson

Writing Intensive

  • Barbara Johnson-Root, Tom Kerr, Jonathan Peeters, and Andrew Utterson