by Andrei Guruianu

Legal for one more year, my father’s voice
like an excited child on the phone
tells me his papers have come,
the papers, the papers,
all I ever heard growing up
with the weight of expectations,
playing the good immigrant son,
learning to anticipate
those envelopes from the government

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by Nakisha VanderHoeven '91

My work comes from a desire to make things. I have always been inspired to re-create what I see and convey what I feel through images. I feel that passionate emotion is often best portrayed by things being unrealistically bent or perspective being a little skewed.

I love experimenting with color and am attracted to objects and beautiful...

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by Bette Ann Sacks Albert '80

I take my cues from nature, who is forever struggling to secure beauty. In this piece, I wanted to give the roses their own luminescence and negate the toxic mechanics of oil painting with an organic subject.

— Bette Ann Sacks Albert...

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