Inaugural History

George C. Williams

President, Ithaca Conservatory of Music, Ithaca Conservatory and Affiliated Schools, and Ithaca College, 1924-1932

George C. Williams was the second president of the conservatory. He had come to the conservatory in 1897 as the founder of the Williams School of Expression and Dramatic Art, which affiliated with the Ithaca Conservatory of Music. In addition to teaching drama, he served as the general manager of the conservatory for many years.

When he became president in 1924, the following appeared in the Key Note:

Mr. Egbert's resignation as President of the Board of Directors and Mr. Williams' succession to this office came as a surprise to all and was understood by but few.

For many years it has been in the minds of both Mr. Egbert and Mr. Williams to create a new office in the school, that of Musical Director.

The time has come when the music departments have grown to such an extent that a Musical Director is an absolute necessity.

The only logical person fitted for this office seemed to be the one who now holds it, Mr. W. Grant Egbert, and in the same manner Mr. George C. Williams seemed to be the proper person to succeed Mr. Egbert as President, hence the election of both to their respective offices.

Since it was due to the untiring efforts of both these men that the Ithaca Conservatory and affiliated schools has become one of the foremost institutions in the country and is still progressing, pledges of loyalty and cooperation to the new officers came spontaneously from all students.

There are no records in the College archives of formal ceremonies of transition or of a concert or theater event in honor of the presidential transition.