New Safe Haven Cards Available


Contributed by Joanne Hindman

The Rape Awareness Committee at Ithaca College would like to announce our new Safe Haven cards to assist survivors of sexual assault and their allies.

The card includes several on and off campus resources for those seeking help and reads:

"*By speaking with any of the resources listed above, you are not committed to pursue judicial or legal action."
It also reads, for those who are allies (particularily for faculty and staff to post on their door):
"By posting this card, I declare my commitment to providing a safe place and an open mind to survivors of sexual assault and their allies."
Please help us get our students and community the resources and help they need by posting this card. Anyone interested should contact the Rape Awareness Committee by using the reply-to address.

Together, we can help Ithaca College students, family, and friends.

Thank you!

Author: Betty Voltaire (