DAC Funding Request Guidelines


Contributed by Andrejs Ozolins

The Diversity Awareness Committee (DAC) educates the campus community about issues of diversity by planning and running its own programs and by offering financial co-sponsorship to other organizations' diversity programs. We also help publicize these programs.

In the past year the DAC has seen an increase in the number and size of funding requests from other organizations which has put a strain on the committee's budget and has made funding decisions much more difficult. We have developed the following guidelines to maximize the number of programs that DAC can fund, and to ensure that departments and organizations such as yours all have access to and understand the funding request process.

Typically, funding requests are for $50 -$250. Because we have a limited budget it is very difficult for DAC to make allocations larger than this. When making a decision regarding the funding amount the committee considers the following criteria:

We hope this information helps you to better understand the Diversity Awareness Committee funding request process. If you have any questions/concerns please contact us at the numbers or addresses listed below.

Authors: Bonnie Solt Prunty 274-3141, Beth Brunelle 274-3290