Library Journal Subscriptions Uncertain


Contributed by Andrejs Ozolins

The financial failure of the divine/RoweCom companies may result in the interruption and delay of some journal subscriptions at the Ithaca College Library.

Faxon Library Services, the primary subscription agency used by the Library, is a division of divine/RoweCom, which failed to make $50 million in payments to journal publishers for 2003 subscriptions.

Faxon functions as a subscription agent, placing orders and renewals on the Library's behalf for approximately 1,600 titles, paying publishers, making claims for missing issues, and generally servicing our subscriptions. Over 3,500 libraries and other customers are affected worldwide.

Although several publishers are being very cooperative and generous in gracing issues for 2003 subscriptions, delivery of some journals may be interrupted in the near future. Ebsco, another subscription agency, is currently negotiating with divine for the purchase of Faxon. The library staff is currently working with Ebsco to gather information and assess the status of our 2003 subscriptions, to insure the continuity of subscriptions placed through Faxon.

Holdings in our online library catalog reflect the most recent issue we have received. Several titles may be available in the library's electronic databases and journal collections. Please ask for assistance in determining availability at the library's information services desk (4-3890). Articles from delayed journals may be requested through interlibrary loan.