Math/CS Colloquium


Contributed by Osman Yurekli

How to Save Money with Your Computer
Using Spreadsheets for Financial Planning
John Rosenthal, professor of math/CS, Ithaca College
Tuesday, March 25, 12:10 pm
Williams 303
Free and open to the general public

In this talk I will discuss how to use spread sheets as an aid to financial planning. The only prerequisites are a modest familiarity with spread sheets and an eagerness to learn.

For example, I may discuss how to decide what is a reasonable amount to save for retirement. Or I may discuss how to choose between low interest rate financing on a car purchase or a rebate.

But, what I would really like to do is select several financial planning questions of interest to you. So please e-mail me your questions by Wednesday, March 19.

I will be using overhead display from a computer in the Williams 303 computer If you have a laptop with Excel you may want to bring it along, so that you can work along with me.

Send your questions to: John Roisenthal