Changes to Intercom


Contributed by Tom Torello

Intercom has been up and running for more than four weeks now, and campus response and involvement have been excellent. In fact, the remarkable volume of information that is being submitted by people across campus has prompted us to make several changes to help improve Intercom’s functionality. Many of those changes were based on recommendations from campus users. Thank you!

Changes include:

There is more to come! We will continue to improve Intercom and add new functions over time. We want to hear from you about how we can make things better. Send us feedback or post a letter. From time to time we’ll have polls about possible new Intercom functions. We encourage you to participate and register your vote. Right now you can tell us if you think we should add a classifieds section where faculty and staff could sell items, trade, and possibly even set up car pools.

Let us know what you think! Use the comments (below) to tell us!