Finance Group Invites Feedback


Contributed by Marian Brown

Please tell us what you think!

All the units within the vice president / treasurer's division have been charged by Carl Sgrecci to develop strategic plans in keeping with the College's Institutional Plan.

As part of that planning process, departments providing certain campus services are seeking input and assessment of their operations from the unique perspective of their campus customers so they can better evaluate whether and where change is needed.

We believe that management is doing things right -- but leadership is doing the right things right.

In order to learn whether you think we are doing the right things right, you are invited to participate in a focus-group discussion of the following finance activities:

How are we doing? We seek your candid opinion. You are invited to offer your honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each department. We want to learn your views about the threats and opportunities facing these finance operations. Tell us what services you find most valuable and how you believe those services can be improved in the future. Your constructive feedback is invaluable to us as we review our operations to ensure that we are providing effective financial services and that we are in the best position to meet our customers' needs and the College's finance challenges now and in the future.

Each session will be moderated by Marian Brown, special assistant to the vice president. The focus group sessions will be held at various times on Tuesday, April 22, Wednesday, April 23, and Friday, April 25.

To learn more about our customer service evaluation process, and to sign up for one of the scheduled focus group sessions or to participate in our on-line customer service survey, please go to: Customer Service Evaluation


Contributed by Marian Brown