Swimming lessons at the Outdoor Pool


Contributed by Elizabeth Brunelle

There are several opportunities for you and your family to take part in swimming lessons this year.

Swimming Lessons for Children
These lessons are designed to teach swimming to children (4-12 years old) of all abilities. Beginners are taught the basics, including safety in and around the pool, while more experienced swimmers are taught advanced strokes.

Parent/Infant Swimming Lessons
These classes are designed to introduce your infant/toddler to the water. Each child must be accompanied in the water with at least one parent/adult during the lessons. Adult Learn to Swim Lessons NEW THIS YEAR!
These classes are designed for adults or older teens who are not comfortable with their swimming abilities and would like to learn basic strokes. General Information for All Classes

Please contact Elizabeth Brunelle, 274-3290, with any questions.

Contributed by Elizabeth Brunelle